• robotics is the science and technology of robots,
their design, manufacture, and application.
Robotics requires a working knowledge of
electronics, mechanics, and software and a
person working in the field has become known
as a roboticist. The word robotics was first used
in print by Isaac Asimov, in his science fiction
short story "Runaround" (1941).
What is a Robot?
• A robot is an electro-mechanical device
that can perform autonomous or
preprogrammed tasks. A robot may act
under the direct control of a human (eg.
the robotic arm of the space shuttle) or
autonomously under the control of a
programmed computer.
Why do we need Robots?
• Robots may be used to perform tasks that are
too dangerous or difficult for humans to
implement directly (e.g. nuclear waste clean up)
or may be used to automate repetitive tasks that
can be performed with more precision by a robot
than by the employment of a human (e.g.
automobile production.)
Deep Sea
Extreme heat and cold
Dangerous Materials
Examples of Robots
• ASIMO, a humanoid
robot manufactured
by Honda.
Examples of Robots
• AIBO (Artificial
Intelligence roBOt) is
one of several types
of robotic pets
designed and
manufactured by
Examples of Robots
• Roomba is a robotic
vacuum cleaner made
and sold by iRobot.
Examples of Robots
• PackBot Scout is a rugged
military surveillance robot
which is designed to be
deployed by a single soldier to
investigate areas which may
be dangerous or inaccessible.
Using a still camera, the robot
beams images back to the
controller. The robot has been
used in both Iraq and
Afghanistan. PackBot research
is supported by DARPA.
A PackBot Scout robot shown with its
second pair of treads in the horizontal
position. This robot is conducting
search and rescue at ground zero after
the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Examples of Robots
• An industrial robot.
– Typical applications of
industrial robots include
welding, painting, ironing,
assembly, pick and place,
palletizing, product
inspection, and testing, all
accomplished with high
endurance, speed, and

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