Jonah Field Presentation

Sevier County Utility District
Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations
APGA Annual Conference
July 2014
SCUD – Realizing a Vision
Recognizing the benefits of CNG
Creating a vision
Champion the Effort
Sevier County Utility District (SCUD)
Located at the foothills of the
Great Smoky Mountain
National Park (GSMNP)
GSMNP – Most visited
National Park in the U.S. by
2X ( ~10M people/year)
Recognize the Benefits of CNG
• Improved Fuel Prices
• Cleaner emissions
• Creates American Jobs
• Increases gas demand for the utility
CNG is Low Cost
Nationwide Averages in April 2014
Source: Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report, April 2014
Create the Vision
Educate yourself
Educate your neighbors
Establish key partners
Identify prime candidates
Grow the Demand
• Fleet Conversion (XX/35 Vehicles)
• Engaging Key Partnerships
• Fast Fill & Time Fill Stations Built & Operational
• Growing the Demand (already adding a second
bank of storage)
SCUD – Infrastructure Improvements
Converting 35
vehicles to CNG
Construction of a
new CNG Fueling
Time Fill Station
Time fill stations
typically fill vehicles
overnight. They are
ideal for fleets that
return to a central
location or for a home
filling station.
Fast Fill Station
Fast fill stations fill
vehicles rapidly using
compression equipment
and high pressure gasstorage systems. They
take about the same time
to fill as any gasoline
The SCUD Team
Champion the Effort
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