What managet should pay attention in a management process

Who Is manager? 
manager is someone who can plan, organize, 
instruct(guide), and sprinkle(Cancel) their
activities with a dose of leadership.
They do need to know what objectives must 
be achieved within stated time frames, and be
able to communicate that information in a
meaningful way to other people.
They also need to know how to put a plan in 
place to meet those objectives. Being
organized doesn't mean putting life on a
spreadsheet, as much as it means setting and
implementing priorities. Leadership means
setting standards and living up to them, and
showing others how to do the same.
Motivate people: Not Money always, 
Become a good listener Then take action based
upon what they tell you. If health is important
to them, give them time to go to the gym and
work out. If their family is important, respect
the time they may need to send their kids off
to school in the morning or pick them up in
the afternoon
You should not do all the things by your self,
Distribute the burden of job give them
teach other people how to do a good job
Keep the door open 
Let people make mistakes 
Learn from your own mistakes. 
Treat everyone equally. 

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