Title of Presentation - Smith Research Institute

Select a package from the dropdown list
The title appears on the right as you go
Unavailable packages are in red
Select a component – e.g. Competency
Select a Competency from the list
The title appears on the right as you go
Click Submit to load the Competency
The first section is Introduction
The first set of topics are Standard Topics
The next topics are Elements
Then come Critical Aspects
Lastly is the Assessment section
Clicking Edit shrinks each section down to
its heading
You can change the hours per topic
You can drag the subtopics to rearrange
them or assign them to a different topic
Tick Assessment for relevant Topics
Click the HH icon to merge a Topic with
the previous one or to split into two
If the number of topics is incorrect the
message will be highlighted in red
Click Finish Editing to preview your
Click Populate to save to SRI’s Moodle and
RTO’s AQTF / ASQA documentation

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