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What if you could get new customers
for a fraction of the cost you are
paying now?
What if your 98% of your existing customers opened your
marketing messages and many of those customers
came back twice as often as they do now?
What if you could cut your marketing budget
by 30% and substantially increase your sales?
What if as many as 40% of your customers
respond to your advertising message?
Text messaging is the fastest growing marketing
channel - 75% of population owns a mobile phone.
There are approximately ¼ Billion Mobile Phone
Users in the U.S.
While voice minutes used has remained
stable, text messaging activity has
More than 2/3 of mobile users send
SMS/Text Messages.
It takes 90 minutes for the average
person to respond to an email. It takes
90 seconds for the average person to
respond to a text message.
70% of all Mobile searches result in
action within one hour, and 91% of all
U.S. citizens have their mobile device
within reach 24/7 .
Sources: The Nielsen Company,, Mobile Marketer, and Morgan Stanley
Our easy to use, feature rich, commercialgrade text messaging platform
can handle all your text messaging needs.
Create your marketing campaign online in a couple of
Instruct your customers to text MYBIZ to 49798
Watch your customer base grow
And start sending offers to your customers!
Message Scheduler
We provide an advanced
scheduling calendar so that
different messages can be
dispatched to different
subscribers at different
times. Scheduling can be
set to recur on yearly, biannually, monthly or daily
basis. And since you can
send your message at exact
times this feature can be
used to send out
appointment reminders or
timed with special events.
Main platform features:
•100% Web-Based Interface Allows Access From Anywhere
•Easy to Use (one click message blasting)
•Facebook and Twitter Integration.
•Full Statistics and Reporting of Platform Usage
•Reliable, Flexible, Robust, Commercial-Grade Platform
•Fast, Easy Campaign Creation
•Offer a Full Line of Text Messaging Services
•MMS (Wap-push)
•Long Messages (up to 459 characters)
•Message Templates (canned messages)
•Advanced User Group Management (sub-groups)
•Second Level Keyword Support
•Cell Phone Originated Group Messaging
•Advanced Calendar Based Message Scheduling (appointment reminders)
•Email Forwarding to Multiple Email Addresses
•Voting and Polling with Real Time Stats & Charts
•SMS Forwarding
•API/Http Forwarding (create your own applications)
•Dedicated Email Support System
•Low Messaging Fees
•All Major Carriers Supported
Ready to take your marketing to the next level?
Open a text message marketing
account now by clicking here or
If your text messaging needs
require an added level of
flexibility, Limitless Texting
enables you to harness the
power of our commercial-grade
platform for all of your in-house
messaging needs.
For more information, please call
Copyright 2012 LimitlessTexting

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