Dress Code Passage Middle School 2011 - 2012

From NNPS Rights and Responsibilities Handbook:
A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety,
health, and acceptable standards of social conduct. Student dress that disrupts the
school environment will not be tolerated. For health and safety reasons, principals may
make building level rules regarding student dress and attire.
We know one way students express their individuality is through dress. While we
respect a student’s right to self-expression, our commitment is to provide a focused,
quality learning environment to all students. To maintain this focus we ask students to
adhere to this dress code and families to support us in this endeavor.
This presentation highlights dress codes “do’s and don’ts” that will help you when
preparing for school.
Dress for Success –
Janelle Spitz, Principal
Student Dress Expectations
Pants must be worn at the waist with all undergarments covered. Pants
cannot have holes in them.
Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length or mid-thigh in length. Shorts
cannot be cut-offs.
Headgear (ex. caps, hoods, hats, wave caps, sweatbands) cannot be worn
inside school facilities. Bandanas cannot be worn on school board
Shirts and blouses must cover the stomach and shoulder areas.
Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.
Items not intended as outerwear cannot be worn as outer-wear in the
school setting (ex. Lycra, tights, leotards, biker pants, bathing suits and
Clothing that depicts inappropriate language, pictures or symbols cannot
be worn in the school setting.
Jewelry or accessories that may be used as weapons are not to b worn to
school (ex., spiked rings, bulky chains, spiked bracelets, two/three finger
Large bulky coats and jackets should be stored in lockers or closets and
not worn during the school day
 Students
who do not adhere to the dress
code will not be allowed to attend class.
 A parent will be called to bring a change
of clothes to school.
 Repeated dress code violations will result
in a referral for failure to comply with
school rules.
 No
headgear of any kind
 No bandanas or head scarves
This includes skinny jean saggy pants
Even if your shirt covers your pants, saggy pants are not allowed
This applies to girls and boys
This includes saggy shorts
Even if you are wearing athletic shorts under pants, saggy pants
are not allowed
We could have posted more pictures but
they were so disturbing we couldn’t “bare”
to do it! Please pull up your pants!
Must pass the fingertip test in the front, sides, and back (trust us,
something may look like an appropriate length from the front, but
will be too short in the rear)
Even if tights or leggings are worn with the dress or skirt they
must pass the fingertip test
Not Allowed
 The
shirt or dress worn with the leggings
must meet the fingertip test in the front,
sides, and back.
Not Allowed
 No
Saggy Pants
 No holes in the pants that are above fingertip
length; holes below fingertip length must be
backed by leggings or fabric
 No pajama bottoms
Shoulders must be covered (this applies to any outfit)
No inappropriate messages or pictures (including messages that are
sexually offensive, display weapons, drugs, or alcohol, or may be
otherwise disruptive to the learning environment)
No stomach baring or back exposing tops
Hoodies may be worn, but they may not cover your head
Not Appropriate
No saggy shorts
Shorts must meet the fingertip test in the front, sides, and back
No frayed edges from cut-offs
No t Allowed
 Shoes
must have a back – no slide-on’s
 No heels higher than 2 inches
 No slippers
Not Allowed

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