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January 2014
Jan 13 – Jan 17 is swim week
Jan 20th – No School MLK Day
Jan 27th – No School Semester Break Day
Jan 31st - Early Release 12:40
Feb. 14th – No School Mid Winter Break
Feb. 17th – No School President’s Day
Feb. 24th - Girls Volleyball practice begins
Feb. 28th - Early Release 12:40
March 14th – Dance 5:30 to 8:00 pm
March 28th – Early Release 12:40
March 31st – April 4th Conference Week
Early Release 12:20
April 7th – April 11th No School Spring Break 
April 21st - First Track Practice
Check out the CMS
Fundraiser on Pg. 3
Please Help Support
our School!
First Practice is
February 19, 2012
7th Grade Practices
6:00 AM to 7:30 am
8th Grade Practices
3:00 to 4:30 pm
The following items are needed in order
to be cleared to practice:
Signed Clearance Form
Signed Activities Handbook
Sports Physical on file in office
ASB Card
Sports Fee Paid
No Outstanding Fines
CMS Wellness Awards
Each 3 week rotation, the CMS Wellness department selects
3 exceptional students to receive the “Star Student
Award”. The latest students to be recognized as Star
Students were: Matteo Aleman, Jackson Buzzard, and
Jacqueline Lazo. These students have exhibited outstanding
performance in health, fitness and sports, in addition to
being leaders in the class!
CMS College Seminar
for 7th & 8th Graders
Parents of all 7th & 8th Grade students are cordially
invited to attend:
Free College Seminar
Hosted by Mr. Charlie Hoff
“How Do You Find The Best College For Your Child
Eliminating Costs As A Barrier?”
Location: Centralia Middle School Commons
Date: February 24th
Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.
Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Are colleges looking for your child? Yes, and they may
have significant dollars for you.
ACT Explore Testing
On March 4th, from 3:00-5:00 pm, we will be
conducting ACT Explore test. This test helps to identify
your student to colleges as a potential candidate for
enrollment. There is no cost for this test.
If you would like your student to take the test, please
have your student sign up on the ASB office window
between the dates of 1/7/14 and 2/15/14.
If you have questions, please contact Centralia
Middle School at 360-3307619.
Low Cost Internet/Computer
for Your Home
If you want to know if school is running
late or canceled check the Centralia
School District Website It will be posted
there immediately after the decision is
made. You can also listen to the Radio or
watch the news on TV. We ask that you
check the website or listen to the
radio rather than calling the school.
Would you like to receive a text and
email message?
Go to, on the
top right corner in the gray box click
register, it will prompt you to put in your
birthdate (you must be over 12 yrs old)
then click submit. Fill out the form. At
the bottom of the form make sure the
box is checked that says “Please send
me e-alerts from this site”. Click Submit,
then you will be prompted to sign-in.
• Click sign in located at the top right
corner in the gray box
• Select my account
• Select Edit account settings
• Click on e-alert setting on the left side
of the page
• Now enter your 10 digit mobile
number in the box provided
• Choose your mobile provider
• At the bottom of the page click “yes”
for emergency only or click “no” for
any general or emergency messages
• Click save changes.
Time to Replenish Supplies
We are almost half way through
the year. Students may need to
replenish their school supplies:
• Paper
• Pencils
• Pens
• Boxes of tissue are always
greatly appreciated.
(to first period teacher or the office)
If your child qualifies for free and reduced price
school lunches, they also qualify for Comcast’s
$9.95 Internet Essentials program. For more
information call
or visit
$1.00 each
WE also have CMS Dog
Tags for $3.00
(at Mrs. Smith’s window)
On February 3rd, 4th, and 5th, we will be holding meetings for
establishing a post-high school plan (5th year plan) with all 8th
grade families. Appointments take 10-15 minutes. Appointment
sheets will be mailed out January 10th.
Appointments must be established by January 29th, 2014
If you choose not to attend a meeting or establish a meeting, then
your student’s transition to the high school will be delayed.
If you have questions, please contact Centralia Middle School at
College Bound Scholarship Program
What: The College Bound Scholarship promises tuition and a
small book allowance for income-eligible students
When: June 30 of their 8th grade year
Who: You can apply for the College Bound Scholarship if:
•You are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch
•Your family is receiving TANF benefits
•You are a foster youth
•Your family meets the income standards
Where: Fill out your application today @
bilityAndApplications or stop by the counselor’s office for a
brochure and application!
Hola a todos,
Mi nombre es Angela Valley. Estoy muy
contenta en anunciarles que el Distrito de
Educacion de Centralia me ha contratado para
ayudar a mejorar la comunicación entre
ustedes los padres y representantes quienes
solamente hablan español y las escuelas de sus
niños. Al mismo tiempo así poder brindar a sus
hijos una mejor educación.
Hasta hoy, cuando ustedes han llamado a la
escuela se han encontrado que en la oficina de
la escuela no hay alguien quien hable español
y es difícil para ustedes comunicar a la escuela
el motivo de su llamada. Por esa razón y para
asegurarse de que ustedes tengan siempre una
persona que habla español, el Distrito de
Educación de Centralia me ha contratado como
intérprete y me ha brindado un teléfono al que
ustedes pueden llamar y hablar conmigo en
español si tienen la necesidad de comunicarse
o tienen preguntas acerca de sus niños o la
A partir de hoy si tienen preguntas o algo que
quieran comunicarle a las escuelas de sus
niños, ustedes pueden llamar al teléfono: 360623-3062. Yo estaré aquí todos los días de
lunes a viernes. Mis horas de trabajo son de
7:30 a.m. a 9:30 a.m. y de las 2:00 p.m. a
4:00p.m. También, si ustedes llaman en otras
horas que no son las horas mencionadas
anteriormente, ustedes pueden dejar un
mensaje y yo los llamaré o contestaré sus
llamadas en mis horas de trabajo. Estaré aquí
esperando y contestando sus llamadas en
español. Luego, yo le comunicaré a la escuela
de sus niños el mensaje o preguntas que
ustedes tienen o el motivo de sus llamadas.
Esperando servirles a todos y por favor llamen
al número 360-269-3458 si tienen preguntas o
necesitan comunicarse con las escuelas de sus
Angela Valley
We are excited to share with you our ASB
Fundraiser for this year. “ The Dinner & A
Movie Card”. Cards are $10 each and offer
discounts to save money on dining,
movies, shopping and much more. Please
help support our students at Centralia
Middle School and enjoy all the benefits of
“The Dinner & A Movie Card”.
Some local places are: Burger King, Papa
Rays, Wilson Leather, Aeropostle, Dairy
Queen, Pizza Hut, Dress Barn, Carter’s,
Denny’s, Arby’s, Papa Murphy’s, Spiffy’s.
and many more.
Each student received a fundraiser packet,
if each student sells just one card, CMS
will have 100% success
If you have any questions, please call
Centralia Middle School at 330-7619.
There are many other coupons available
for surrounding areas. There are discounts
for movie tickets. If you are going on
vacation, just type in the zip code and it
will show you the discount for those areas
Thank you for your support!!!!

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