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Bedford Borough Council
- A new dawn for Bedford’s
Chris Pettifer – Head of Transport Operations
To Answer Question
• Mitigating Factors – issues influence
• Issues that give confidence
• What BABUS can do to help
Overview - Before I answer the – ‘New Dawn’
• My Personal Opinions !!
• Questions & Comments
Overview - Before I answer the – ‘New Dawn’ –
Mitigating Factors
1. Very Early Days
- Organisation is still in infancy
2. Credit Crunch
- Businesses
- Public Authorities
- Individuals
3. Local Government Funding
4. Driver Training Schemes - CPA
Bedford Borough Council
- A new dawn for Bedford’s
Yes – I’m confident it can be!!
Chris Pettifer – Head of Transport Operations
Why am I confident of the ‘New Dawn!’ –
The Factors
1. Good Starting Point
- Strong Team
- Town Services
- Finance
- Impetus of new organisation (smaller)
3. Greater Co-ordination & links
- Concessionary Fares
- Parking
- Transport Operations & Transport Planning (together)
Bedford Borough Council
Highways and Transport Group Structure
Assistant Director
Glenn Barcham
Head of Highways
Brian Hayward
Head of Transportation
Adrian Holloway
Owns the local highway
General forward look and
strategic transport issues
Looks after it, keeps an eye
on what others are doing to it,
maintains and improves it.
External funding, Central and
Regional Government relations
Includes various assets – e.g.
street lights, structures, signs,
traffic controls etc.
Delivers capital and revenue
schemes via Amey, CSD and
Formal policy statements e.g.
Safety, Accessibility
Sustainable transport
champion - policy and
Lead on Major Projects
Overall custodian of targets,
trends etc.
Head of Transport Operations
Chris Pettifer
Public Transport - 100
supported contracts, approx 8
million passengers p.a.
Education - home to school
transport, 400 contracts,
approx 5000 pupils per day.
Fleet - yellow buses, welfare
vehicles, gritters etc.
Road Safety - education,
campaigns and training.
Parking Services - off and on
street, enforcement and
Why am I confident of the ‘New Dawn!’ –
The Factors
4. Joint Commitment
- Bedford Borough Council
- Operators
- Local Area Agreement
- Users (BABUS!!)
……..So what are we going to do
Moving Forward to The ‘New Dawn!’
1. Agree a vision for Bedford Borough’s Network
- 5 C’s – confidence, cost, convenience comfort & cleanliness
- LTP Public Transport Delivery (smart card, real time)
2. Set and a Agree a Delivery Programme
- Work in progress
- Three core areas
* Urban Town and Interlink
* Rural Innovations
* Third Sector contribution
Moving Forward to The ‘New Dawn!’
3. Submit a Kickstart Bid
- Best Town Services (Commercial Viability)
- Sunday network till 18:00 and week day & Sat services 23:00
- Incremental Delivery
- Bus infrastructure including RTPI roll out linked to this
4. Rural Review
- Cluster Groups
- Consultation
- Innovation
5. Web Presence and overall availability
……..& for BABUS
1. Support the KICKSTART bid
2. Work with BBC/Operators and be a critical friend
3. Build up Public Confidence
Thank you & any Questions

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