M2.8 How Do I Find That? Improving Schedule of Classes

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M2.8 How Do I Find That??:
Improving Schedule of
Classes Search Options
John Dickerson
Mississippi State University
Mary Kincannon
Texas Christian University
Holly Swart
North Carolina State University
Texas Christian University
Background on TCU:
• Fall 2013 enrollment: 9,925 (Undergrad &
• Nine colleges
• 56 departments offering classes in 106
• Just over 3900 class sections created this
Texas Christian University
• TCU is a PeopleSoft school, and has been since
May 1999.
• Prior to PeopleSoft, we printed five (5) schedules
each year: prior to advance registration (fall &
spring), at the start of the semester (fall &
spring), and an Orientation fall edition in June.
• Since the printed schedule was out of date by the
time it arrived on campus, our IT folks developed
Class Search to provide up-to-date class
information to the campus.
Texas Christian University
• Class Search was a ‘hit’ with students and
instructors, and so, during the 1998-1999 year
when we implemented PeopleSoft, we
stopped printing any schedule books, and
everyone relied on Class Search.
• After implementation, since the campus was
used to using Class Search, we never printed a
Schedule of Classes again.
• We substituted Class Search as the lookup
option within PeopleSoft.
TCU Class Search
Term Lookup
Sort by Session
Sort by Location
Search by Subject
Search by Course
Search Results
Search by Attribute
Attribute Search
WOST Attribute Search Results
Search by Course Level
Search by TCU Core Curriculum
Search Results of TCU Core Curriculum
Class Search Setup
• Enrollment numbers update dynamically.
• New classes or day/time/instructor changes
requires a ‘refresh.’
• I can run a job to refresh Class Search at any time.
• Mostly, the refresh is setup on the process
scheduler, set to run at specific times of the day.
• I control all of the values in the search boxes. I do
not have to involve our IT department.
Purple Schedule Builder
• We added the Purple Schedule Builder during
the summer 2013, with a soft roll-out. We
didn’t tell students it was there.
• We wanted our entering freshmen to develop
schedule-building skills during orientation.
• Our current students had no trouble finding it.
Purple Schedule Builder
Mississippi State University
Fall 2013 Enrollment – 20,161
• 16,399 undergraduate
• 3,762 graduate and professional
Eight Colleges & 45 Departments
Just over 4,100 course sections this spring
Mississippi State University
Banner School since 1998 – Ellucian Banner
Ad Astra Client – Astra Scheduling Software
Web Portal Log-In
Portal Menu
Master Class Schedule
Accounting Courses
Portal Menu
Registration Term Selection
Scheduling Options
Enter Course Sections
Course Sections Entered
Section Options
Section Options
Section Options
Course Selections
Course Selections Continued
Course Schedule
Mississippi State University
Pre-scheduling freshmen for orientation
Manual process currently – moving toward an
automated process
Scheduling Policy Development
Beginning Use of Platinum Analytics
NC State University
Enrollment 30,000+
9 Colleges
11,000-12,000 class sections scheduled each
Fall & Spring
Peoplesoft SIS since 2009
Custom Enrollment Wizard since 2012
NC State’s Enrollment Wizard
Students Can Add Events to their Calendar
Choosing Classes: From Planner
There are several ways
to add courses to your
shopping cart.
Adding courses directly
from your planner is a
great way to make sure
you’re staying on track!
Save yourself time and
frustration by searching
only for open classes that
fit your schedule!
This icon indicates that a
prerequisite for the course has
not been met.
Get a quick look at available
sections that meet your
search requirements. Just
click the links to see a listing
of sections!
NC State’s Enrollment Wizard
When you search for
classes, you have
several filter options to
help make the process
more efficient.
You can use these filters
when choosing classes
from your planner, your
required courses, or
class search.
Big Time
Saver for
more “plan B,
or plan C”
Use the checkboxes to expand or limit your options.
Career: Restrict your results to Graduate,
Undergraduate, or Ag Institute courses only.
Location: Restrict results by location of the classes.
GEP List: Restrict results by GEP requirements.
See only those courses that fulfill a particular GEP
Required Courses, continued.
Checking for PreRequisites…
Only sections for
which you meet
the prerequisite/
requirements will
be shown in your
Required Courses
Meet the Global Knowledge/
U.S. Diversity requirements by
using this filter as you search
for other classes.
Enter subject
prefixes or
keywords in
this box to
narrow your
search results.
Use these buttons to
navigate through the
available courses.
Choosing Classes: Required Courses
If you’re stuck for a class to fill
out your schedule, try planning
Pulls from
Degree Audit
You’ll be sure that the courses
you choose are meeting your
degree requirements and
helping you towards
Select the major
you wish to view.
Only unmet degree
appear in the list
When a specific class is required, available
sections will be linked for easy viewing.
If multiple courses can fulfill a requirement,
clicking here will give you a list of options.
Use these buttons to
navigate through your
required classes.
Adding Classes to the Shopping Cart
Last Thing…Sync to Google Calendar
The Enrollment Wizard features integration
with students’ other Google calendars with
the push of a button.
M2.8 How Do I Find That??:
Improving Schedule of
Classes Search Options
John Dickerson
Mississippi State University
Mary Kincannon
Texas Christian University
Holly Swart
North Carolina State University
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