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Language Centre
Henriikka Salminen
What and where Language Centre is
Language studies
How to enrol for a course
Other activities offered by the Language
• Where to find more information
Language Centre
• Independent unit of the university.
• Courses in Language for Specific Purposes and
optional courses in general language.
• NB! Turku School of Economics has its own Unit
for Languages and Business Communication
which provides language studies for their
Language Centre
• Situated in many different buildings:
• Juslenia (Henrikinkatu 2): Language Centre office (open
10-12, 13-15), administration, classrooms, language labs,
self-study room, teachers’ offices.
• Rosetta: classroom Rosetta II
• Language Lab Knalli in Natural Sciences Building I on the
• Teaching all around the campus.
Obligatory language studies
• Master’s programs have differing requirements.
• Most students are required to complete a Finnish for
Foreigers Beginners’ Course (usually intensive course, 5
• Some are also required to take an English Academic
Writing Skills Course.
• Please check the language study requirements of your
study program from your program coordinator.
• More information can be found at:
• (Curricula Guides)
Language studies
• Courses in following languages are offered at the Language
Chinese, English, Finnish for Foreigners, French,
German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
• Different levels:
beginners, continuation and more advanced special
• Most courses taught in Finnish on the beginners’ level.
Language studies
• More advanced and oral courses taught in that specific
language (eg. German, French).
• Chinese and Japanese courses are taught in English.
• English courses:
 Sign up in Nettiopsu (utu user ID and password
 Those degree students, who need English as an
obligatory part of their studies, have priority
How to enrol for language courses
• Enrolment procedures vary depending on the
• For most courses, enrolment will take place in the
virtual study register Nettiopsu.
• NB! A UTU user account and e-mail password
will be needed in order to log in Nettiopsu. Make
sure that you receive them as soon as possible
(from the IT Services).
• KIFF0001 Finnish Beginners’ Course I (autumn
and spring) enrolment in Nettiopsu (DL 4.9.)
• KIFF0003 Finnish Intensive Beginners' Course:
• Autumn: enrolment through the program
• Spring: enrolment in Nettiopsu
• KIEN2024 English Academic Writing Skills:
enrolment through the coordinators.
• There are also several courses where no
enrolment is needed beforehand (usually more
advanced courses).
• Please see the information under each course. If
information is only given in Finnish, it usually
means that Finnish skills are required in order to
be able to participate in the course.
• Teachers can be reached in their office during
office hours or by e-mail.
• Exam results in Nettiopsu.
Language study modules
Finnish for Foreigners study module (min. 20
• Build a study module of Finnish courses.
• A complete study module will appear in the
degree diploma → useful when seeking work.
• Study modules available also in other languages,
eg. English.
• Further information: >
Studying > Language Study Modules
Wanted: Language Tutors
• Language Centre is looking for students to work
as language tutors
• Language tutors work in our language courses:
Tell about their home country and culture, help
with pronunciation, conversation practice etc.
• Languages needed:
German, Spanish, Russian
Language tutors
Characteristics required:
• Native speaker
• Punctual, not absent-minded
• Motivated
• Carrying voice
• Good and clear pronunciation
• Ability to speak slowly
• Preferably a teacher student (not obligatory)
- German: send a motivation letter to [email protected]
by Sept. 4th
- Russian: send an e-mail to [email protected] by
Sept. 10th
- Spanish: send a motivation letter to [email protected]
by Sept. 9th.
Language Circles
• Voluntary meetings where you can get acquainted with both
Finnish and international students using your own language
or Finnish or some other language.
• You will learn more about other people and their culture and
also inform others about your own culture.
• The groups spend free time together:
 Cook, play games, see movies, etc.
Language Circles
• The groups decide on the meeting times and
• Possibility to receive a certificate at the end of the
• First meetings coordinated by the Language
Centre, in the week 38
Language Circles, autumn 2014
FIRST MEETING: week 38 (15th – 18th
September) in Juslenia, Henrikinkatu 2:
Finnish for Foreigners
Tue 16.30
Mon 16.30
Thu 16.00
Thu 18.00
Wed 18.00
Wed 16.00
Wed 16.30
Tue 16.00
room K 101
room K 101
room K 136
room K 136
room K 136
room K 136
room K 101
room K 136
Language Circles, autumn 2014
Mon 16.00
Thu 16.30
Tue 18.00
Mon 18.00
Mon 18.15
room K 136
room 113
room K 136
room K 136
room K 101
Other activities
• Self-study room K109 in Juslenia (K floor, right wing)
• Material in about 20 languages, Multimedia Language
More information:
Language Advisor Lauri Kurki, tel. 333 6190,
[email protected]
Finding Finnish hard to learn?
Want to teach your own language to someone?
Get yourself a
What is a Tandem?
You can practice your language skills with a tandem
partner. First you just have to get a pair and after that it
is all up to you! With your Tandem partner you can
meet to discuss politics, practice restaurant vocabulary
over lunch or do your language homework together. It
is all up to YOU!
What do I have to do to find a Tandem?
All you have to do is:
 Go to:
→ Studying → Tandem Language Exchange
 Fill in the sign-up form
 Language and Culture Tandem is a course (2 credits)
where one of the languages has to be Finnish and the
other can be Chinese, English, French, German, Italian,
Russian or Spanish.
 If you don’t want to take a course or if you want to study
some other language than Finnish, it is also possible to
find a language partner and practice your language skills
without any academic objectives. → →
Studying → Language Partner
Вас интересует добровольная,
самостоятельная учёба в группе
«тандем» с финскими студентами,
изучающими русский язык?
Birgitta Tjurin-Muranen
Лектор русского языка
Языковой центр
Университет г. Турку
e-mail: [email protected]
Tervetuloa kielikeskukseen!
Questions? See
or send e-mail to: [email protected]
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