Session 5 presentation (ppt

Primary Schools Program
Session 5: Personalised Inquiry
Session 5 (Day 2) aims to:
• deepen literacy knowledge and
• provide opportunities to explore the
• investigate an explicit question that
- School Strategic Plan
- current focus at your school
- personal interest.
Personalised inquiry
Eight questions have been posed select one to investigate.
You can also formulate
your own
question to
Get the questions here.
Personalised inquiry questions
1. How does the resource make links to
the English Continuum and VELS?
How will I inform my staff of these
Personalised inquiry questions
2. How can the resource support our
school in implementing the Strategic
What is the most effective way to
inform my Leadership Team about this
Personalised inquiry questions
3. How can the resource, beyond Level 4,
support literacy learning at our school?
How can I inform my colleagues?
Personalised inquiry questions
4. How can I inform staff of a new
teaching strategy or assessment tool
presented in the resource?
What is an overview of the teaching
strategy/assessment tool?
Personalised inquiry questions
5. What will be the impact of the key
messages of the resource for my
school? (Reference: About the Resource)
Personalised inquiry questions
6. What do the key messages from a
theory look like in the classroom?
Select one theory and present your
Personalised inquiry questions
7. What is the Genre Teaching and
Learning Cycle? (Key Concept-Level 4)
Personalised inquiry questions
8. How does a key concept develop in the
Levels 1-4?
Personalised inquiry
What is the Fourth Grade Slump in
Flow chart
Fourth Grade Slump
Students suddenly begin to struggle
Chall- two stages of reading:
Grades 1,2,3 – learning to read
Grades 4 and beyond – reading to learn
Causes: lack of fluency and automaticity
Links – great!
Students challenged by the greater number of abstract,
technical and literary word characteristics
A teaching focus of comprehension instruction will
support students to understand complex text (Grosso de Leon)
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