SCARF quick start guide updated 06.02.15

Quick start guide to
using SCARF
Go to SCARF website
The curriculum maps can be accessed
on this page before logging in
(NB The curriculum maps can also be accessed
once you have logged in to SCARF)
The curriculum maps show the links between the
Coram Life Education sessions, PSHE, National
Curriculum and the SCARF resources.
Log in using your email and password
Lesson plans and associated files can be
found via the ‘Lesson plan search’ or ‘View
by age group’ sections
To use the ‘view by age group’ method,
click on the down arrow to select the age
group programme you want to look at
Once you have selected the age group click
‘View Lesson Plans’ and it will take you to a
page with all the relevant lesson plans
Click ‘View details’ to see all the associated files
for that Lesson Plan (some just have the lesson
plan but some will also have video / audio links,
photos or PowerPoint presentations)
In this example there is a lesson plan and also a link to three video
clips and a PowerPoint presentation.
Please note that because the video / audio clips are hosted via
YouTube you may need to check that your school IT settings
allow access to YouTube and change the settings if necessary.
Please note that children do not need to access YouTube for any of the
lessons. The clips are all used by the teacher as part of the lesson.
Lesson plans can also be found by using the
‘Lesson Plan Search’. Type a keyword into the
text box and click ‘Search Lesson Plans’
All the lesson plans that have that keyword in the
description will show up in the search.
This example shows the result of searching the
keyword ‘assertiveness’
Back on the main SCARF page there are also
links to the ‘Teaching and Learning’ resources –
films (demonstrating Life Education teaching
strategies), Assessment for Learning sheets etc
Those are the basics. If you have
any queries or comments please
contact us via [email protected]

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