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National Bank of Dominica
Ltd. 2011 Merchant Seminar
Facilitator: Janiere Frank
Fraud & Compliance Analyst
June 16, 2011.
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A brief review of the Payment Card Data Security Standards
Requirements and Relevance
What is PCI DSS?
 PCI DSS is:
 A set of requirements established by the Payment
Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)
to protect cardholder data.
 The founders of the PCI SSC:
Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, American Express,
Discover Financial Services and JCB International
What is PCI DSS?
 There are six (6) main goals and twelve (12) basic requirements of
the PCI DSS.
Is PCI DSS relevant to me?
 Compliance with the PCI data security standards is
mandatory for ALL entities that store, process or
transmit cardholder data.
 This includes merchants, acquirers, processors and
other participants in the industry.
Why Comply?
 Benefits of compliance:
 Helps to create a secure environment for customers
 Increased customer confidence
 Greater Market Leverage
Why Comply?
 Consequences of non-compliance:
 Fines and penalties
 Termination of ability to accept payment cards
 Lost confidence, so customers go to other merchants
 Lost sales
 Cost of reissuing new payment cards
 Legal costs, settlements and judgments
 Fraud losses
 Higher subsequent costs of compliance
 Going out of business
What do I need to protect?
PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide
Understanding the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 2.0, October 2010
What do I need to protect?
PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide
Understanding the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 2.0, October 2010
What do I need to protect?
 Points from which cardholder data can be stolen:
 Compromised card reader
 Paper stored in a filing cabinet
 Data in a payment system database
 Hidden camera recording entry of authentication data
 Secret tap into your store’s wireless or wired network
PCI DSS: An Ongoing Process
 Assess – take an inventory of IT
systems and business processes to
identify cardholder data and
determine vulnerabilities.
 Remediate – fix vulnerabilities;
don’t store card data unless
 Report – submit compliance
reports to your bank.
Common Myths of PCI DSS
 Myth 5 – PCI DSS is unreasonable; it requires too
 Myth 7 – We don’t take enough credit cards to be
 PCI DSS compliance is required for any business
that accepts payment cards – even if the quantity of
transactions is just one.
 Myth 8 – We completed a SAQ so we’re compliant

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