What`s New Lab Medicine in New Brunswick?

“One Lab Many Sites“
Laboratory Medicine Program
New Brunswick Update
Marek Godlewski MD., MSc, FRCPC
Horizon Health Network
Saint John Regional Hospital
We have been busy in the Labs in New
Brunswick lately!
What’s new?
Post- Creaghan Laboratory Changes
Saint John Regional Hospital
Laboratory Medicine and Dalhousie
• Post Graduate AP Residency training
• Undergraduate involvement (DMNBDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick)
– Foundations, Curriculum, Lectures
– Labs (Histology, Microbiology)
– RIM (Research in Medicine)
– Autopsy Experience
– Research Committee , HHN Lab Med Program
SJRH Laboratory Medicine Faculty Staff
11 Anatomical Pathologists
1 Microbiologist
2 Hematopathologists with TM
2 Clinical Scientists
– Chemistry and Toxicology
– Molecular Genetics
16 Faculty Appointments
NB Regionalization:
Horizon Health Network and Vitalite
• Vitalite
The Laboratory Medicine Program is a
what’s new?
• 4 geographical AREAS
• 6 Regional DIVISIONS
– Anatomical Pathology
– Clinical Biochemistry
– Hematology
– Medical Microbiology
– Transfusion Medicine
– Molecular Diagnostics
Laboratory Medicine Program
what’s new?
• Each Regional Division has representatives from
the geographical Areas that do work in that
• Regional Divisions are lead by a Clinical
Chairperson and is supported by an
Administrative Director.
• The Program is evolving into this new structure
and will eventually have one set of policies except
where local situations dictate otherwise
What’s new?
• We implemented a common document
control system to manage over 8,000
documents across all labs
• A common SharePoint site was developed for
the entire Region
• All managers across the Region are being
trained in LEADS
• All managers across the Region are being
trained in LEAN Six Sigma (white belt)
What’s new
• All Regional Divisions will develop and report on KPIs
for our annual Quality and Safety Report
• A Regional Clinical Council has been developed to
advise the Regional Leadership Team and to help
preserve the new culture
• Electronic “homes” have been developed for all
Regional Divisions and Committees
• Adopting OLA as our accreditation system. We
worked with OLA to encourage solutions that were
Regional in nature
HHN Laboratory Medicine Program,
Saint John Regional Hospital and
And…The Latest:
The Give Campaign
Taking care of beesiness
Many Hives One Site…
Thank you
Maritime Pathology Conference in
New Brunswick anyone?

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