Best Bolognese Sauce Ingredients

Best Bolognese Sauce
Ingredients: 1 red pepper, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 6 mushrooms, 1 clove garlic, 500g lean
minced beef, 2 rashers bacon (optional) 2 x 5ml spoons mixed herbs, 1 x 15ml spoon
tomato puree, 400g can tomatoes, 125 – 250ml stock, 1 x 15ml spoon oil. For a
vegetarian version use 400g can brown lentils or aduki beans instead of meat.
1. Peel onion. Make a bridge with your hand and cut the onion
in half. Put the flat sides down on the board.
2. Hold the onion firmly, with your hand like a claw. Slice
across without cutting through the root.
3. Turn the onion round and still holding it like a claw, slice in
the other direction.
4. Peel the carrot away from you and cut off the top and
bottom. Some carrots may only need scraping.
5. Cut the carrot in half and stand each half on end. Cut down
in a criss-cross pattern.
6. Turn the carrot round and cut across to make small cubes.
7. Cut the top off the pepper and pull out the seed head.
8. Cut a slice from the base.
9. Cut down the side of the pepper and open it up into a long
strip. Remove any seeds and the white fibrous strips.
10. Stack two or three pieces of pepper on top of each other
and cut into strips.
11. Wipe the mushrooms on damp kitchen paper and cut into
12. Remove the papery skin from the garlic. The prepared
vegetables should now look something like this.
13. Put 1 x 15ml spoon of olive oil into a large saucepan.
14. When the oil is hot, add the chopped onion to the pan.
15. Add a crushed clove of garlic and fry gently for 2-3 mins.
16. Add the lean minced beef.
17. Cut the bacon into pieces – scissors are best for this, and
add to the pan. Stir well and fry gently over a medium heat.
18. After about 5 minutes, the meat should have started to
brown and will have lost its raw appearance.
19. Add the carrot, red pepper and mushrooms and mix well.
Continue frying for a further 5 minutes.
20. Add a 400g can of chopped tomatoes.
21. Add 1 x 15ml spoon tomato puree.
22. Add 2 x 5ml spoons mixed herbs, and/or basil and
23. Dissolve a stock cube in 250ml boiling water. Add just
over half of it to the pan. Keep the rest in case you need it
24. The mixture should now look something like this.
25. Put a lid on the pan and allow to simmer gently for 30-40
minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more stock if needed.
26. At the end of cooking, the meat and vegetables should be
tender and have a rich colour and thick texture. Bolognese
sauce is very versatile and can be made into a wide variety of
dishes egs served with spaghetti, rice or in Lasagne or Boboti.

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