Unit 1 Introduction to World Civilizations and New Ideas

Unit 1 Introduction to World
Civilizations and New Ideas
Sub Unit 2 Introduction to World Religions
Lesson 8 Hinduism Believe in KARMA
Hinduism Believe in KARMA
K – Karma and Dharma
The belief in positive and negative energy that determines your
next life
Good Karma – move up in the caste system
Bad Karma – move down in the caste system
Dharma is a persons religious and moral duties (actions)
Accepting their place in society (acting properly) results in reward
Hinduism Believe in KARMA
A – All Hindus Live in the Caste System
The caste system is a rigid system based on class
The four main castes include priests, warriors and rulers,
merchants or tradesmen, and unskilled workers
The bottom class were the outcasts (rejects of society)
Hinduism Believe in KARMA
R – Reincarnation
The recycling of energy in a living being to another life
All living things (weeds, water, animals, and people) have souls
These souls are part of an Atman (universal spirit) shared among
all living things
Hinduism Believe in KARMA
Hinduism is a polytheistic (or believes in more than one god)
Brahma – creator of life
Vishnu – preserver of life
Shiva – destroyer of life
Stories about these Gods are found in the Vedas (holy text)
Hinduism Believe in KARMA
All want to end reincarnation
All Hindus believe life to be a prison of the soul and desire to
end reincarnation to be released back to the universal spirit
of all things (Atman)
If one practices good Dharma they will have good Karma and
eventually will find Moksha and their life force becomes part
of all living things

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