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Arboricultural Association
Approved Contractor Scheme
NW Tree Officers presentation
Paul Smith AA Technical Officer & Approved Contractor scheme manager
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Emergency Procedures
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AAAC Pre Assessment Workshop
• Health & Safety at Work etc. 1974
• Sect. 3 General duties of employers and selfemployed to persons other than their employees
(1) It shall be the duty of every employer to conduct his
undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as is
reasonably practicable, that persons not in his
employment who may be affected thereby are not
exposed to risks to their health or safety.
• Management of Health & Safety at
Work Regulations 1999
(1) Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment
of(a) the risks to the health and safety of his employees to which
they are exposed whilst they are at work; and
(b) the risks to the health and safety of persons not in his
employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by
him of his undertaking,
• You need to decide how you will
determine a contractor’s competence.
what experience they have in the type of work you want done;
what their health and safety policies and practices are;
about their recent health and safety performance (number of accidents etc);
what qualifications and skills they have;
their selection procedure for sub-contractors;
for their safety method statement;
what health and safety training and supervision they provide;
their arrangements for consulting their workforce;
• ▼ if they have any independent assessment of their
competence; = AA Approved Contractor..!
▼ if they are members of a relevant trade or professional body; or
▼ whether their employees hold a ‘passport’ in health and safety training.
• Management and supervision
Clients must decide what they need to do to
effectively manage and supervise the
work of contractors. The more impact the
contractor’s work could have on the health
and safety of anyone likely to be affected, the
greater the management and supervisory
responsibilities of the client.
Clients, contractors and sub-contractors should
monitor their health & safety performance.
1. H&S compliance
2. Contractor ‘competence’
CHAS – Contractors Health And
Safety assessment scheme
About CHAS:
• CHAS is established as the market leader for
health and safety pre-qualification in the UK.
It is a non-commercial scheme available to
suppliers (those who provide goods and
services) and to organisations (buyers)
looking for suitably competent suppliers.
Delegate Pack:
2010 Directory
‘Choose Your Arborist’ leaflet
AAAC 2010 Standards (Appdx. ‘E’)
Site Safety Audit form
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