Leap Motion Presentation by Matt Neill

The Leap Motion Controller
October 2013
- Introducing the Leap Motion
- $79.99 + shipping and handling (~$20)
- Tracks all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a
- Has a super-wide 150° field of view and a
Z-axis for depth
- Can track movements at a rate of over
200 frames per second
How it works
- Has 2 cameras and 3 infrared sensors
- 4ft wide × 2 ft tall × 1 ft depth makes an
8ft ‘interaction area’
- Senses breaks in the infrared field,
translating them to actions
- Breaks can be caused by fingers or objects
(such as pens/pencils)
Activation & first use
- Plug in the Leap and place it in a comfortable position in front of your
computer screen
- Go to leapmotion.com/setup to download the drivers and the Leap control
panel (available for Windows and Mac)
- After installation, the Leap Motion Orientation will run
- Getting started with your Leap Motion controller
Airspace Store
- Airspace is the Leap Motion’s app store
- You will need to create an Airspace account
- Not all apps are multi-platform
- There are a lot of free apps, but most cost $2 - $5
- Notable apps include: Autodesk Maya plugin, Fruit
Ninja, Google Earth, and The New York Times
Maintenance & troubleshooting
Smudges. The controller will not work if a smudge is detected
on the window. To fix, wipe with a cleaning cloth (not included)
Obvious caretaking for any electronic device (don’t take it
Recalibration. Every once in a while, the Leap will not be
calibrated correctly (your position on screen isn’t what’s
happening in real life)
Taking care of your Leap Motion controller
Right click the Leap icon in the system panel > Settings > Troubleshooting
> Recalibrate device
Recalibrating your Leap Motion controller
There is a diagnostic visualizer in the troubleshooting tab. I’m
not quite sure what it’s used for, but it looks really cool
Tips & tricks
Avoid bright environments. The Leap can adjust for bright lighting, but it isn’t
Play around with the settings. Right click the Leap icon in the system panel >
Settings > Tracking > Tracking priority. Choose between balanced (default),
precision, and high speed
The controller does its best to isolate hands/tools, but can make errors. Avoid
wearing jewellery, long sleeves, gloves, and tentacles
Be sure the controller’s green light is facing you, with the USB cable coming out of the
left side
If tracking isn’t working, right click the Leap icon in the system panel > Resume
tracking. This can also be used to refresh the application when switching screen
Development resources
- The Leap team has made development resources
extremely accessible (developer.leapmotion.com).
- Language guides include: C++, Java, Python, C#,
Unity, and JavaScript (×3)
- SDK support for Windows, OSX, and Linux
- The Leap forum is a great place to ask questions
and generate ideas
- Twitter: @LeapMotionDev
- Knowledge base articles: UX guidelines, FAQs, etc.
Uses (a.k.a. “the cool part”)
- Music: GecoMIDI, AirHarp, Dropchord, AirBeats,
- Art: Corel Painter Freestyle, OSC Motion,
- Medical: touchless surgical control, dentistry,
Cyber Science 3D
- Other: projection mapping, virtual reality,
architectural models, education, gambling, browser
plugins, public installations
Integration with POET
- POET (Point of Experience Technology) is an
interactive display technology optimized for retail
outlets and museums
- Installation at the City of Waterloo’s museum
(Conestoga Mall): 100 Years of Seagram’s V.O.
- Leap is configured with an HDTV to allow ‘touch’
- Cheaper than a touch screen or touch overlay
Other uses?
- Imagine the possibilities. What else could it be
used for?
- The Leap Fund: Highland Capital Partners has
established The Leap Fund, a $25 million
investment initiative focused on entrepreneurs that
use Leap Motion technology to develop
breakthrough experiences.
Questions? Comments?
Leap Motion on Youtube
@LeapMotion on Twitter

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