How it works

Jim Moreo has been delivering leading edge IT services to
law firms for over 20 years. His strategic vision and tactical
operations experience allows Cornerstone to serve the
best interests of our customers by delivering unparalleled
and uncompromised IT services. Jim has helped numerous
firms’ executive management align their business and
financial goals with their technology infrastructure,
maximizing value and productivity. Cornerstone’s mission
to provide honest, dependable, and professional services is
a direct reflection of Jim’s leadership.
Lisa Stone is Cornerstone’s lead systems engineer and has
been an IT professional for over 10 years. She is a Citrix
Certified XenDesktop Engineer with extensive experience
in building Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Application
Integration, Group Policy Management, and Document
Management Implementation. She is also a Certified HP
WorkSite Document Management Engineer in addition to
having extensive experience training end-users and IT
professionals. Lisa’s ever-expanding breadth of technical
expertise and unwavering dedication to our clients
represent the core of Cornerstone’s vision.
About Cornerstone
In business 12 years
Citrix Gold Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner
Experience with Citrix dates back to 1.0 Release
Successfully deployed XenDesktop for firms with 100-1500 users
Full Service Infrastructure Architecture
XenDesktop Virtual
Desktop Overview
Demo - What’s new in
XenDesktop 7.5 and
NetScaler Insight
How does XenDesktop work?
XenDesktop uses a client called “Citrix Receiver”
Thin Client
No Receiver?
No problem.
With the latest version of XenDesktop’s
Storefront & NetScaler
You can deliver your VDI
desktop without Receiver
installed using HTML5
within the browser window.
XenDesktop vs. XenApp for VDI
Windows 8.1 OS
Windows 7 OS
Windows 7 OS
Windows 8.1 OS
Windows Server 2008R2 OS
How it works
• Users get their own Windows 7 or Windows 8
How it works
• Users share desktop resources and operating
• Each user is isolated from another users, making
this model more secure
• Crash in one OS crashes other shared users
• IT manages one image (or a few variations of one
image) which simplifies IT Management
• Patching requires application to individual
• Different sets of users are served different images,
as needed
• Personal vDisk option allows for added
personalization to users/groups
• Operating system is Windows Server
XenDesktop delivers a better VDI experience
A better experience for users
• Crashes affect only one user
• Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP
• Better application compatibility than XenApp which requires Windows Server
• Personal vDisk option allows you to give users a personalized desktop
• XenDesktop 7’s “Local App Access” integrates local Windows apps into a
hosted virtual desktop
A better experience for administrators
• XenDesktop 7.5 – Single pane of glass delivery of XenDesktop, XenApp, published
XenApp applications, & local applications via local app access
• Easier to maintain image
• Easier patch management
• Better security
• More redundancy
How it works…
Desktop Refresh = Cost Savings
Extend lifecycle of existing PCs
Fewer server resources needed to
support desktops
Paves the way for thin clients to replace
costly desktops in the next refresh cycle
How will
a virtual desktop
change the way
you do business?
10 Common Use Cases
Remote Access
Mobile User
Support Calls
Image Upgrade
XenDesktop 7.5
Contact Information
We would be happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to
contact us.
Jim Moreo, Principal: [email protected]
Lisa Stone, Senior Systems Engineer: [email protected]
Thank you

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