Wondrous Wraps

Wondrous Wraps
Mediterranean Wraps: Tortilla wraps, hummus, sun dried
tomatoes, black olives, carrot, lettuce, cucumber.
1. Shred the lettuce, peel and grate the carrot, finely slice
the cucumber, chop the sun dried tomatoes, slice the olives.
2. Start by spreading a layer of hummus on the tortilla.
2. Add a few sun dried tomatoes, some grated carrot and a
few olives.
3. Fold the edge of the tortilla over the filling, then add
filling of a contrasting colour such as the shredded lettuce
and cucumber.
4. Fold in the two sides of the tortilla and continue rolling,
tucking in the bits as you go.
5. It should now look something like this.
6. Take the wrap in a bridge hold and cut across diagonally.
7. The end result.
Ingredients for a cheesy salad wrap: Tortilla wraps, grated
cheese, salad onions, cucumber, radishes, cress, tomato
1. Cut the root and dark green leaves and one layer of skin
from a few salad onions. Grip in a claw hold and chop finely.
2. Wash and dry the radishes. Cut off and throw away a thin
piece from each end. Slice thinly.
3. Hold the tomato in a claw grip and slice thinly.
4. Use scissors to snip off the cress.
5. The prepared ingredients.
6. Put a layer of cheese across the tortilla followed by salad
onions, radishes and sliced tomato.
7. Fold the edge of the tortilla over the filling, then add a
layer of cucumber and cress. Fold in the two sides and
continue to roll up, tucking in any bits which try to escape.
8. Holding the wrap in a bridge hold, cut through diagonally.
9. The end result.
A selection of snacks – Springy Spring Rolls, Spicy Samosas
and Wondrous Wraps.

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