Moving Forward Together

Steve Lugg
New and Potential Councillors Presentation
What’s the Hampshire ALC?
• Hampshire Association of Local Councils
• Serves the 255 (262 from 1st Apr 2010)
councils & meetings across Hampshire
• Information, query support, legal opinion,
project funding signposting, training and
development, representation, networking
• 3 FTE staff, CE only full-time staff member
What is a parish council?
• Nearly 9,000 across the country
• Can be styled parish, village, community or
town council
• First tier of local government
• Part of a national pyramid network
• Diversity is the key, no two councils are
• Expenditure not capped!
How do you become a town
By resolution
Chairman becomes Mayor
Civic and ceremonial
All town councils are parish councils
Tend to be more politicised
Tend to be more formal in meetings
What do local councils do?
• Representing the local community
• Delivering services and facilities to meet local
• Striving to maintain and improving quality of
• Two-way conduit of information
So they could be doing......
Burial grounds
Bus shelters
Leisure facilities
Crime reduction
Community transport
Litter bins
Youth Projects
Open Spaces
Traffic Calming
Seating and much
Powers and Duties
• Duties
• Powers
• S. 137 Local Government Act 1972
• Power of Well-being
Making Decisions
• Council can only make decisions as a
corporate body, in a properly set meeting
• Bounded by Local Government Act 1972 and
successive Acts
• Clerk is impartial officer, Chief Exec
• Code of Conduct
• Agendas and Minutes
Where does the money come
Expenditure not capped
Respond to community, not other councils
Robust budget-setting process
Grant funding
Eligibility to become a councillor
• British citizen, or commonwealth subject or
citizen of EU
• 18 years or older on the day you are
• Resident or work in the area
• Cannot stand if subject of bankruptcy or
interim order, or criminal conviction or if you
work for the council you want to be a Cllr for
What does a Cllr do?
Decision making
Risk management and monitoring
Local involvement
Representation and engagement
Lead Projects and Services
How much time?
• NALC believes an average is around three
hours a week? Diversity again. The more
• Concentrate on making a difference
• A better place to live and work
• Remember you are representing your
electorate not yourself
Keys to success
Listen to your Clerk
Adopt a learning attitude
Training and development vital to grow
Understand your priorities
Work within the Code of Conduct
Get involved with the networks
Don’t feel intimidated, enjoy it!
Web resources
Contact details
Hampshire ALC
02380 263 438
[email protected]
121a Winchester Road, Chandler’s Ford
SO53 2DR

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