Differentiate PC, server, and handheld device operating system

Differentiate PC, server, and
handheld device operating system
Bernetta Falaniko
Charles Miller
Jowella Vaka
Personal Computer
• A computer built around a microprocessor for use by an
individual. Personal computers have their own operating
systems, software, and peripherals, and can generally
be linked to networks
The four basic functions of a computer:
• input
• processing,
• output
• storage
A desktop operating system is an operating system that was designed for use
by people to perform tasks such as writing an essay, reading e-mail, etc, a
good example is Windows XP. While a server operating system is an operating
system that was designed to run on a server. An example is Windows Sever
1.With server OS we can manage desktop OS. Server Os is higher version of
Desktop OS.
2.server OS gives centralised administration for users shared resources higher
But Desktop OS gives local machine administration only.
3.Server OS is fully covered & managed security. For (ex) Domain Controller
application server print server etc. We make server with security. for Desktop
OS Normal PC. We make low level security.
Palms are pioneers of 'organization on-the-go'. These devices are easy to use and
include many applications to help organize work schedules and tasks. Different
Palm models have different operating systems and functions, but the majority of
the overall product is similar.
Windows Mobile
Many handheld devices run on the Windows Mobile operating system. Their
advantage is the ease and convenience of having Microsoft Office and other Microsoft
applications such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and Windows
Live at your fingertips.
The operating system on most handheld computers and small devices, called an embedded
operating system, resides on a ROM chip. Popular embedded operating systems include
Windows CE, Pocket PC OS, and Palm OS.
→Windows CE is a scaled-down Windows operating system designed for use on wireless
communications devices and smaller computers such as handheld computers, in-vehicle
devices, and Web-enabled devices.
→Pocket PC OS is a scaled-down operating system developed by Microsoft that works on a
specific type of handheld computer, called a Pocket PC.
The Palm OS is the operating system used on Palm handheld computers from Palm, Inc.,
and Visor handheld computers from Handspring.

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