Ray Derr—TRB Report - AASHTO - Subcommittee on Traffic

Transportation Research
Board Report
Ray Derr
Upcoming TRB Meetings
Sep 14-15: Integrated Corridor System Management
Modeling Best Practices Workshop (Irvine)
 Oct 13-14: Infrastructure Security Workshop (Rutgers)
 Oct 29: EMS Workshop & Mid-Year Meeting
 Jan 10-14, 2010: TRB Annual Meeting [Investing in our
Transportation Future—BOLD Ideas to Meet BIG
 Jun 10, 2010: Workshop on Benefits and Requirements
for a Cooperative National Traffic Speed Data System
Project 20-07/238—Conceptual Development of
an AASHTO Guide to System Operations and
Management (Complete, Delivered to AASHTO)
Project 20-07/253—SSOM Strategic Plan Update
(Complete, Delivered to AASHTO)
Project 3-94—Development of an AASHTO Guide
for Systems Operations and Management (Dec
Technology & Reliability
Project 03-66—Traffic Signal State Transition
Logic Using Enhanced Sensor Information (Nov
Project 03-87—Proactive Ramp Management
Under the Threat of Freeway-Flow Breakdown
(Nov 2009)
Project 03-90—Operation of Traffic Signal
Systems in Oversaturated Conditions (Sep
Synthesis 40-03—Adaptive Traffic Control
Systems: Domestic and Foreign State of
Technology and Reliability (p2)
Synthesis 40-10—Traffic Signal Retiming Practices
in the U.S. (Jul 2010)
Project 20-83(02)—Expediting Future
Technologies for Enhancing Transportation
System Performance (Oct 2011)
Domestic Scan 07-04—Best Practices in Regional
Multi-Agency Traffic Signal Operations
Management (Feb 2010)
Domestic Scan 08-02—Best Practices in
Maximizing Traffic Flow on Existing Highway
Facilities (Nov 2009)
Technology & Reliability (p3)
(Highway Capacity Manual)
NCHRP Report 616—Multimodal Level of Service
Analysis for Urban Streets
Project 03-92—Production of the Year 2010 HCM
(Sep 2011)
Project 03-96—Analysis of Managed Lanes on
Freeway Facilities (April 2011)
Project 03-97—Modifications to HCM Signal
Analysis to Support Reliability Assessment and
Maintenance of Signal Timing (Sep 2011)
Performance Measures
Project 20-07/202—Guide to Benchmarking Operations Performance
Measures (Complete, Delivered to AASHTO)
Synthesis 39-08—Real-Time Traveler Information for the Public
Project 3-79A—Arterial Performance Measures (Mar 2010)
Project 20-24(37)D-Measuring Performance Among State DOTs,
Sharing Best Practice—Operations Performance Using Incident
Response Time (Apr 2010)
Project 8-75—Guidelines for Evaluation and Performance of
Congestion Pricing Projects (Nov 2010)
Project 8-74—Sustainability Performance Measures for State DOTs
and other Transportation Agencies (Aug 2011)
Mainstreaming Ops and Workforce
E-Circular 133—Glossary of Regional Transportation
Systems Management and Operations Terms
NCHRP Synthesis 392—Transportation’s Role in
Emergency Evacuation and Reentry
Project 03-84—Guide for Multistate Transportation
Operations Programs (Complete, Delivered to AASHTO)
Project 20-77—Transportation Operations Training
Framework (Sep 2009)
Project 03-80—Traffic Enforcement Strategies for Work
Zones (Nov 2009)
Project 20-07/221—Traffic Incident Management Program
for Worker Safety (Nov 2009)
Synthesis 41-07—Operational and Institutional Agreements
that Facilitate Traffic Signal Operations
NCHRP 20-07 Process
Research for the AASHTO SCOH
 Annual
Budget of $1,200,000
 Problems Submitted by SCOH
 Problems must address pressing needs of
the subcommittee
 Problems must cost less than $100,000
 Selection made at the Spring and Fall
AASHTO meetings
SCOR Desires for 2010 NCHRP
Research problem statements should support AASHTO
committee/subcommittee strategic plans
Research problem statements should support the
AASHTO Strategic Plan and Vision
Research problem statements should address
immediate needs and long term vision
Problem statements should be ranked by the appropriate
AASHTO committee/subcommittee
Subgroup problem statements should be ranked by the
parent committee/subcommittee
Staged research submittals (e.g., to develop a new
manual) should include a plan showing future submittals
Committees/subcommittees should identify the top 2 or 3
issues they face

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