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Students – Did you sign in???
Apex HIgh School
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AOIT Pre-Internship Meeting
Class of 2016
November 20, 2014
Apex HIgh School
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• Welcome
John Evans – Apex HS AOIT Director
Jill Vandine – Senior AOIT student & recent intern
Michael Murphy – Chair, Advisory Board
Marcia Murto – Advisory Board
– Internship committee members
• Information presentation
• Discussion/Q&A session
Apex HIgh School
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• What is an AOIT internship
• Benefits of an internship
– Student perspective
– Company Perspective
• Review internship expectations
• Questions
Apex HIgh School
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Internship overview
• AOIT graduation requirement; 1 credit earned
• Significant technology component, but not
necessarily a technology position
• Internship positions are solicited by parents,
students, neighbors, AOIT director, Board
• Goal: to explore career options and
• Not an entitlement
Apex HIgh School
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Student Benefits
• Apply/use skills and information from AOIT
• Reinforce good work habits
• Opportunity to earn money by applying learned
skills and information in a real-time work
• Resume builder, references for college
applications, possible scholarships and college
• Build contacts for future careers, via workplace
• and networking
Apex HIgh School
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Jill Vandine
AOIT Internship 2014 at Quiet Oaks Farm
About Quiet Oaks Farm
• Providing quality horse boarding at an affordable
• 12 stall barn located in Apex, NC
My Supervisor
• Pat Conaway
• Owner
• Barn manager
• Also employed
at AKC
A Day in the Life of Jill at Quiet
Oaks Farm
• Work twice a day 7 days a week
• Arrive early in the
• Feed horses
• Work on the website
• Teach lessons
• Speak to potential boarders
• Manage budget/finances
A Day in the Life…Continued
• Fix fencing
• Update Facebook page
• Schedule vet and farrier
• Train horses
• Pick up horse feed and
hay every week
• Take pictures for the
• Schedule farm visits
My Contributions to the Farm
• Made a quality website with accurate and up
to date information about the farm
My Contributions Continued
• Helped bring in many
new boarders
• Part time manager of
the farm
• Kept boarders and
horses happy and
• Fixed up the barn
• Started up a horseback
riding lesson program
• Advertised!
AOIT Skills Used
• HTML and webpage
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft
• Sony Vegas
• Photoshop
• Picasa
What Have I Gained From My
• Increased social skills
• More practice with
HTML and webpage
• A job 7 days a week at
Quiet Oaks Farm!
• Management skills
Future Plans
• After completing my internship I have realized
that I would like to own a business one day. Until
then I will continue to take business and
computer classes to help me prepare for the
future. I have also learned that I love teaching
young kids how to ride!
Company Benefits
• Source of temporary employees who have
work-ready skills
• Recruit for future employee pool
• Retain local talent in the area
• Contribute to public school education and to the
creation of a motivated, educated workforce
Apex HIgh School
Page 17
Internship Basics
• At least 135 hours between now and May 2016
– summer only
– part-time during school
• Compensated - hourly wage, stipend, laptop, etc.
• Uses technology – at least 50% of the 135 hours
• Reasonable expectations are set for both student and
• Supervisor and/or mentor guides the student through the
work experience
• Periodic reviews (site visit, blog, formal
evaluation/assessment upon completion of hours)
Apex HIgh School
Page 18
Finding an Internship
• Tap your network
– Family/Friends/Workplace
– Research contact information
• School/Advisory Board Internships:
– Check email and jobs board postings
– Sign up/respond via email if interested
– You will be notified of interview process
• Turn current job into AOIT Internship
– Meet basic requirements, including tech component
– Ask supervisor and provide AOIT director with
contact information
– Should include something “new” for the student
Apex HIgh School
Page 19
Student Responsibilities
• Sign-in attendance sheet TONIGHT
• Sign and turn in Student Code of Conduct and
Pre-requisites for an Internship (handout)
• Ensure Mr. Evans has current email
• Check your email regularly
• Write a résumé (Paideia) and submit it to
Mr. Evans for review
• Participate in mock interview at AHS
• Complete internship survey
• Attend one senior internship presentation
Apex HIgh School
Page 20
Student Responsibilities
• Available for the entire internship
(Parent support needed)
– Most schedule conflicts can be discussed
at the interview
Complete learning objectives
Turn in Internship Agreement
Track hours – form in packet
Keep an updated blog
Set up site visit with Mr. Evans
Apex HIgh School
Page 21
Student Responsibilities
• Post-internship
– Evaluations (student and supervisor)
– Senior presentation – Q & A with AOIT Faculty,
parents, and internship supervisors; Dates
announced in fall 2015 (posted on AOIT Site)
– Transcript Letter – done in September for
students who have, at the minimum, turned
in an Internship Agreement
Apex HIgh School
Page 22
• School Website
– Stipend, paid by AST with the Lauren Raym
and Ozzie Vargas, Jr. Memorial Internship
– Must be able to continue during the school
year for one period; earns 2nd internship credit
– Summer Internship – 135 hours
• Postings (ongoing)
– Email – check regularly
– Postings on Google site:
Apex HIgh School
Page 23
Student Internship
• Given out and reviewed in Paideia
(Guide is also posted on the AOIT Website)
• Read through entire document
• Includes all paperwork for entire
internship process
• Forms are also available online
• Student Internship Guide on the new AOIT
Apex HIgh School
Page 24
Ensure Mr. Evans has your current email
Complete the Pre-internship survey
Review the Internship Guide
Put the next Senior Internship presentation on
your calendar
• Begin building your network
• DON’T WAIT to get started
Apex HIgh School
Page 25
• When is the next Senior Presentation?
• December 10 at Lord Corporation
Apex HIgh School
Page 26
Wrap up
Feedback on this workshop is encouraged
Check out the new AOIT website!
Additional questions?
– John Evans at [email protected]
Apex HIgh School
Page 27
• When is the next Senior Presentation?
• December 10 at Lord Corporation
Apex HIgh School
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