G-21 Super Goose

Manufactured New By Antilles Seaplanes
Presentation By: Art Redner
The idea for the Goose came in 1936, when a
group of wealthy industrialists wanted an easier
way to commute from their homes on Long
Island to Wall Street. They hired Roy Grumman to
build them ten airplanes that could take off from
land and land on the water near the financial
district. By the end of World War II, close to 350
Gooses had been built. They helped the U.S.
military with fast and reliable
transportation to remote
locations all over the world.
Incorporating modern day technological
advances enhance the airplane’s capabilities
and performance. Advances such as updated
avionics, improved anti-corrosion protection,
and state of the art sound proofing materials
will make the Antilles G-21 a far more
commercially viable airplane than the
Modern Day
The Modern Day Goose offers many upgrades
from the original Grumman Goose. New
engines give the aircraft a larger gross weight
and a faster cruising speed.
World War II
This aircraft allows you to truly go anywhere!
The G-21 Super Goose has the capabilities to
land on both land and water.
With new engines and larger gas tanks this
seaplane has the capability of hauling ten
people. With a gross weight of 12,500lbs you
can take what you want, where you want.
Larger gas tanks
give the Goose a
range of 1,200
nautical miles
without re-fueling.
The new Goose is large enough to go
wherever you want and take just about
anything with you, but it is small enough for
private ownership. This seaplane only
requires one pilot so if your destination is
just to go out and have some fun flying for
the day it is possible! With the modern turbo
prop engines made by Pratt & Whitney there
is less maintenance and improved
performance allowing for takeoff and landing
in smaller areas.
With its ability to land in water as shallow as
36 inches you can land in most lakes. After
the landing just put the wheels down and taxi
up into shallow water to park. With the new
engines come the capability for reverse, so
you can literally back up to the beach.
With this seaplane you are free to go
anywhere! The Goose is built strong so it can
handle most weather conditions but is still
light and agile in the air. Get in and have a
great time!
Thanks to Antilles Seaplanes for information
and pictures. www.antillesseaplanes.com
Additional thanks to www.airliners.net for
All other photographs by Art Redner

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