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G-Force Consulting Inc.
Powersports Industry
Exclusively for Manufacturers
Presentation Overview
1. Introduction to G-Force Consulting Inc.
2. New Power Sports Market Entries
3. Mergers & Acquisitions
4. New Product Development
5. Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
G-Force Consulting Inc.
New Business Development and Acquisition Consulting
Companies with the right
formula for success can reap
substantial profits in both
OEM and Aftermarket
powersports vehicle sales.
My 19 years of experience
with successful programs
and innumerable industry
decision-maker connections
can be tapped to help ensure
that you have a welldesigned product, sold
through the right channels or
to the right OEMs, making
your product the preferred
choice by customers.
Don’t take your success for
Ranger lineup 1998-2004
2007 F-Series Snowmobiles
2007 Airwave Suspensions
2007-2009 Ad revenue growth
Professional writing and PR
2009 Acquisition Consulting
2010--Bad Boy Buggy XD
2010 Acquisition and Business Devel.
2011—Electric Drive Train Launch
2012—New products coming!
Introduction to
Exclusively focused on
Powersports and LSV markets
Provide a full spectrum of
consulting services, with core
competencies in electrical
product development,business
start-ups and mergers and
Based in Minnesota, a center for
Off Road Vehicle development
and manufacturing
Employs both full-time and
contract staff tailored to each
Programs tailored for all business
models from small start-ups to
multi-national corporations
New Business Development
The unfolding revolution in offroad and powersports
The power sports world
is under going a
transformation. It is
evolving into
Powersports 2.0.
Is your company ready
to profit in this new
world order?
“We realize this market is changing…now you
see every maker out there hanging a hangtag
that says ‘40 MPG’ or something like
that…we’re directing more resources into
areas of public concern… ” Ray Blank,
American Honda
“Expand military business to >$150 million in
3 to 5 years”—Polaris corporate goal
“We sold 5,000 Spyders in 2009. By
comparison, Victory sold 4,000
motorcycles.”—Jose Boisjoli, BRP
“Pursuing growth opportunities through
innovative products responding to
environmental and safety issues”—Part of
Yamaha’s multi-pronged strategy to return to
profitability in 2010.
“The new Stealth Hybrid Diesel-Electric UTV
will increase driving range to 80 miles”—
Stealth 4x4 press release
“If this (electric ATVs) is not the future of fourwheeling, then four-wheeling has no future.”—
Gary Gustafson, President of G-Force
G-Force Consulting helps new powersports and off-road
vehicle market entries to succeed more quickly, by
leveraging an unique combination of powersportsspecific technical, sourcing and marketing insight
Market Insight
OEM Sales Development
•What could be more effective than hiring
someone who spent 13 years sitting across
the table in the OEM decision maker’s seat?
•Today Gary Gustafson consults on new
business growth and product development
for numerous suppliers to all of the major
powersports OEMs as well as consulting
directly for some OEMs
•Get the right names, right approaches, and
insider tips on how to land the business in
each individual division of each company.
• Learn about emerging trends that you can
prepare your company for to own the future.
Gary in Arctic Cat Snowmobile
OEM Sales Development
•Assistance with critical questions such as
sales staffing, rep groups, margins, etc
•Written reports that name names and give
candid, specific advice on how to succeed with
established and up-and-coming OEMs
•Help on how to position your brand as
premium, value, etc and how to position your
brand against foreign and domestic competitors
• Advice on potential supplier partnerships or
tier-2 or tier-3 opportunities
•A “3-D” report with depth and color, not just
“2-D” industry sales data
Sample OEM Analysis
Aftermarket Sales Development
•Identification of new products that will succeed
•Written reports that name names and give
candid, specific advice on how to succeed with
established and up-and-coming OEMs
•Information on how to capitalize on market
adjacencies that can be low-hanging fruit
• Advice on potential private-labeling
partnerships or supplier opportunities to other
aftermarket companies
•As always, the candor and matter-of-fact
approach that G-Force Consulting is known for
“Gary is truly an expert, knowledgeable of the
industry as well as the technology. I found his work
to be accurate, complete and on-time. Reports
were clear and comprehensive, meeting the
project objectives. You will not only profit from
working with Gary, it is also a pleasure to work with
Michael Green
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Kioti Tractor, Daedong USA, makers of the
Mechron UTV
Mergers and Acquisitions
Before you buy a house, shouldn’t
you talk to the neighbors?
Work with someone whose involvement
in both the R&D and marketing side of
the industry generates unique insight
•Discover and facilitate synergistic
partnership opportunities
•Work with someone who lives the
consumer experience, quickly
recognizing products and services that
will win in the marketplace
Find out what yours or
your acquisition targets
reputation is within the
•Learn crucial information
on the sustainability of the
acquisition targets sales
•Find out about
adjacencies, privatelabeling and other up-side
that the target is not
aware of!
Powersports Acquisition
Exclusive “War Game” analyses provide
projections for scenarios including
regulatory changes, macro-economic
changes, technology advancements and
G-Force Consulting’s
customized market forecasts
per component, system,
vehicle type or market are
much, more meaningful than
dealer survey data.
•Market sales data is merely
“2-D”. G-Force Consulting’s
research adds the third
dimension of technical and
industry knowledge that
adds color and depth.
Acquisition Endorsements
“As the new owners of Benz Silent Rider (now The Silent
"Gary has been incredibly helpful to me
RiderTM) we needed assistance with the development of a
throughout both the acquisition and
sales and marketing plan that would assure us long-term
purchase of Symtec, Inc. Prior to the
growth in the power sports industry. We required someone
purchase he did extensive, detailed, and
with knowledge of many functional areas and well-rounded
accurate research on the company,
experience to guide us into the future. Fortunately we found
providing me with a report with both data
Gary Gustafson of G-Force Consulting. His knowledge of
technical issues coupled with his marketing expertise sets
and suggestions. During the transition
him apart from most consultants I’ve worked with. He is
period, he helped with developing our
able to show “big picture” views of how to get our product
product development pipeline and
out to the marketplace.
process, lending his extensive industry
His ability to recognize industry trends, steer us toward current
knowledge to help us to upgrade our
and future opportunities, and away from dying trends has
processes. Gary’s industry connections
saved us valuable time and resources. Gary provided
and knowledge have been a tremendous
insights into complex development projects that kept us
from spinning our wheels with unnecessary distractions to
asset to me and my company, I would
our growth objectives.
recommend him to anyone looking for
M&A analysis in the powersports industry, He did not just provide boilerplate industry reporting, but rather
an executable strategy to help better position The Silent
as well as anyone looking to improve their
RiderTM in the marketplace. This included contacts to
technical development processes.“
pursue, plans to execute and feedback on what areas to
Riley Harlan, CEO
concentrate on immediately. This has been valuable to the
formation and execution of a well-defined marketing plan.
I would recommend Gary’s services to anyone looking to grow
their business in the power sports industry. “
Tom Sullivan ,CEO
Client List
New product
Development (see
separate brochure)
Engineering Experience and
Electric and Hybrid vehicles a major
focus, Energy harvesting, zero loss,
light weight
•Development of test plans scaled for
manufacturer size and budget
Decades of combined engineering
experience with major OEMs and
aftermarket, multiple patents
Special emphasis on electrical and
chassis/suspension design
Outstanding combination of
theoretical and practical insight
•A wealth of hands-on riding and
technician experience
Unique factors for ATV/UTV
designs—The G-Force Advantage
Water and particulate ingress protection mandatory.
IP67 protection, unbalanced loads, rough terrain,
temperature extremes, corrosion, etc.
Electric and Hybrid
Vehicle Development
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Development
(see separate brochure)
Full electric drive train
development experience
•Continuous education to
stay on top of new
•Numerous vendor visits
and contacts world wide
•CVT expertise
•Forward thinking
Get Results Now
Phone: (218) 209-1388

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