Global History & Government I

Global History & Geography II
Mr. Neuner’s
Rules & Expectations
Classroom Rules
• Be respectful to your peers, your teacher and
• The bell begins class, so be in your assigned
seat before the bell rings or you will be marked
• Bring all of your supplies to class every day. To
be prepared you must have a three-ring binder
with paper, a pen, pencil, and textbook.
• Be in your assigned seat daily.
Course Expectations
I am a firm believer in helping all
students if they have any difficulty
with the course work. For that reason
I encourage all of you to discuss any
problems with me so that I can help. I
am available everyday after school
and periods 1, 6, 7 & 9 the 1st
semester and 1, 3, 7 & 9 the 2nd
Course Expectations Cont…
• Homework (10% of the quarter grade).
– The types of assignments are:
Worksheets or textbook questions
• Homework will always be handed in at the
beginning of class. Any late homework will
automatically lose 30 points. Incomplete
assignments must be made up by the end of the
Course Expectations Cont…
• Tests and Quizzes
– Unit Tests (30% of the quarter grade)
– Large Quizzes (20%)
• These are vocabulary and map quizzes, along with video
guides, critical thinking questions and notebook checks.
• Reading Quizzes (20% of the quarter grade)
– A reading quiz will be administered the next day after
a reading assignment.
• There are 8 unit tests throughout the year
and I will give you fair warning for all tests
and quizzes so that you have adequate time
to study.
Course Expectations Cont…
• Projects (20% of your quarter grade).
– The projects that we will complete this year
will assess your full understanding of a given
– Example projects:
• Revolutions Newspaper
• Projects on Latin America & World War I
• Composition Notebook of at least 5 Final Copy
Essays (5 = 65, All essays completed = 100).
Absence Policy
“It is the student’s responsibility to request all make-up
assignments from subject teachers following absence
from class.” This includes notes, handouts and
assignments. Assignments can be viewed on Mr.
Neuner’s homepage or This
means you have no excuse for getting behind.
Classword: 0910Neuner___
Password: Your student ID #
Our school policy with testing states that the following
day that you return to school you must take the test. Any
missed tests or quizzes on the day of the exam will
only be made up after 2:30.
Special Notice
• In accordance with the Fabius-Pompey
Middle/High School Student/Parent
Handbook, any copied homework or
tests will result in a zero on the work
for all students involved. Also, involved
students will not receive extra-credit
• Any cell phone or Ipod use from 8 am –
2:30 pm will result in the confiscation of
said device.
• I anticipate having a fantastic year with all
of you. This year of 10th grade social
studies will challenge you, but our new
information and review of 9th grade content
will prepare you for the Global History &
Geography Regents in June.

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