Minnie C. Lyons

Minnie C. Lyons
Minnie C. Lyon
 Minnie was the daughter of the late
Luster and Della Hester Lyon.
 She was the second oldest child of five.
Minnie was born in Granville County,
North Carolina.
 She joined Lawson Chapel Baptist
Church in Person County at an early age.
Beginning of the Journey
 In 1916, Miss Lyons went to the
Women’s Convention at White Rock
Baptist Church, was listening to a
Missionary talking about her missions in
Africa, and got inspired.
Original White Rock
Baptist Church
 Dr. William H. Thomas, his wife Cora,
and Miss Lyon left for Africa and landed
there on December 26,1921.
 In 1938, Miss Lyon came home to the
United States on leave. She studied
Nursing in Harlem, New York .
 She returned to Africa a year later and
stayed there until 1937.
 Miss Minnie returned to the States in
1946, and left for Africa once again,
staying from 1948 until 1951.
 While she was there, Miss Minnie lived
in a dormitory with a group of girls.
African Dormitory
for Girls
 Although Miss Lyon
did missionary work
in Africa for about 30
years, she still felt
that her work was
not completed.
Minnie Carnarah Lyon
Minnie C Lyons
Prepared By
Barbara Cromartie
Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church
DCYM 4th VP – History Committee
Dec 2012

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