111 Task C colour hair 1

111 Task C
Colouring hair using
temporary colour
Connect Activity
Connect from previous session
Aims and outcomes
• The aim is to introduce the learner to
the consultation processes and the
factors that could influence the choice
of colours.
• The outcome is the learners understand
the importance of a consultation and
factors that can influence the choice of
products to be used.
Consultation sheet
• A consultation sheet must be filled out
before any hairdressing service.
• The consultation process is very
• You must record the clients name and
reference number.
Factors that could influence the
choice of colouring products and
methods of application
Allergic reactions
Check hair and scalp for any cuts abrasions
Skin tests
Elasticity test
Infections or infestations
Desired look, slices, weaves, full head,
partial head
Natural hair condition
Hair Type :- curly, wavy, straight
Tools and equipment :- combs, brushes,
sponge, colour bowl
Products used :- mousse, colour paint, sprays,
chalks, mascaras, water rinses
Method and technique :- scrunching,
shoeshine, combing, stencilling.
Recall and review
Name two
Name one
Name one
hair types
how to do a elasticity

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