Laserprogrammeeritav loogika.

Laser programmable logic
The idea is 20-25 years old, though
technology has enabled to manufacture the arrays from
1995 on. In the beginning (IBM 1979) the technique was
used to repair memories. The faulty word was burned
out and replaced with a reserve line in the memory array.
The advantage of LPGA (Laser
Programmable Gate Array) over ASIC
(Application Specific Integrated Circuit)
appears in:
 Short time for manufacturing the
 Relatively low price of the prototype.
LPGA is similar to MPGA (Mask
Programmable Gate Array) from its electrical
parameters. In case of larger series it is easy
to switch to MPGA technology.
Relatively good density when compared to
The unnecessary connections are burned in the
programming process.
The manufacturer is Chip Express (USA).
The same technology was used
by Lucent Technologies.
Before programming
After programming
LPLD – Laser-Processed Logic Device
LASIC – Laser-Configured Aplication Specific Integrated Circuit
Manufacturer: Clear Logic
Compatible with the Altera Flex series of FGPA-s
Vertical Link –decreases considerably the necessary chip area.
Formation of the connection
Capacity of the laser
The laser is too weak - a gap filled
with melting metal has not formed
between two metals and there
is no connection.
The laser has suitable capacity –
the gap has been formed and
it is filled with melting metal.
The laser is too strong – the gap
filled with melting metal has been
formed next to the connection.

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