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Patient and Family-Centered
Presented by:
Victoria L.Rich, PhD,RN,FAAN
Patient and Family-Centered Care
Innovative approach to the planning,
delivery and evaluation of health care
that is grounded in mutually beneficial
partnerships among health care
professionals, patients, families, and
Core Concepts
Dignity and Respect
 Information Sharing
 Participation
 Collaboration
Patient and Family-Centered Care
Institute of Medicine
Recognized patient-centered care as
one of the 6 aims of a high-quality
healthcare systems
Patient Centered strategies are being
embraced as fundamental to providing
safe, high-quality care.
The Joint Commission
National Patient Safety Goal #13
Encourage patients’
active involvement in
their own care as a
patient safety strategy.
13ADefine and communicate
the means for patients and
their families to report
concerns about safety and
encourage them to do so.
Best Practices
Patient Advisors and Advisory Groups
 Supporting Family Presence – Conceptual
change from “Visitors”
 Patient Family participation in
 Access to current care information – daily
medication lists
 Access to medical record/documentation
in records
Advisory Councils
 To serve as a formal mechanism for
involving patients and families in policy
and program decision making in the health
care setting
Empowered to advise
 Formal roles
 Meaningful participation
 Link to leadership
Family Presence
Supporting Family
Presence –
change from
What if…
This was our message:
In keeping with our Patient Family
Centered Care philosophy, the
entire organization supports family
presence. There are no specific
visiting hours.
We are on a journey….
The “new look” at Patient Engagement and
satisfaction : interprofessional teamwork
and patient/family centered care
First steps:
1. Assessment of current transition- incare patient and family experiences
2. Senior leadership and providers input
We are on a journey
3.Therapeutic relationship behaviors
identified by interprofessional teams
4.Financial support and committed
leadership including patient advisory
committee leaders.
We are on a journey:
An interprofessional journey based on
the core competencies for
interprofessional collaborative practice
 1.Values and Ethics
 2.Roles/Responsibilities
3.Interprofessional Communication
4. Teams and teamwork
Final words
“ Healthcare today is a team sport!”
David Blumenthal

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