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About Us
Initially, being the switchboard assembling & engineering arm of Rotax (Pvt) Ltd,
Roche Engineering (PVT) was established in 1996 as a separate sister company
concern, and is now tasked with the responsibility of marketing a wide range of
innovative products & specialized contracting solutions to our customers in the high
rise buildings & industrial segment(s).
Now in this new venture, we are armed with the correct infrastructure &
experience to turnout customized engineering solutions of the highest quality,
specifically engineered to our client’s unique requirements.
Our main aim is to maintain quality, meet our clients unique specification
requirements & offer timely solution delivery whilst always ensuring value for
money, exceptional service and strong after sales support.
Our Achievements
 Roche Engineering (RE) is an ISO 9001 Company.
 Our combined group (RGC) turnover is over USD 14,000,000 (FY 2011 /2012).
 RE were the first to introduce ESE Terminal technology in Sri Lanka for the
lightning protection market in Sri Lanka.
 RE has over 500 Capacitor bank installations across Sri Lanka.
 RGC is an established group of companies, going on our 49th year of business &
getting stronger.
 As a whole, we are proud to market and manage a portfolio of over 50++ world
class agencies, through various group divisions (SBU’s).
 We have a combined sales team of over 60 managers and executives bringing you
door to door personalized sales & service.
The vision of our company is to capture business and market opportunities for the
specialized contracting & engineering segments of the Sri Lankan industrial and
contracting market(s).
As such, our first foray into the “non-electrical” engineering arena was in the area of
protective coatings for industry & infrastructure, where we specialize in protection
for metal surfaces (anti-corrosion), concrete repair products, water proofing, antifouling coatings, repair & rebuilding kits ASWELL AS specialized wall & flooring
solutions and much, much more.
We are proud to be associated with 3M, to market their range of world renowned
protective coating products & systems across the island, under the brand name of
SCOTCHKOTE, to our valued clientele in industry & construction.
The IPD (Cont …)
We are proud to note that in only a few short months since we commenced this
division we have seen a tremendous response from the market for various kinds of
coating requirements.
Our clients can rest assured that even though we are offering a different engineering
solution, we will still be offering the same kind of “ROCHE” like dependability &
quality of service even in this arena.
We are currently planning on adding capacity and increasing our range of offering to
the industrial segment in the months ahead.
“We will always deliver on the trust that you place on us”
Overview (What We Do)
Corrosion Protection Coatings
Roofing, Flooring & Wall
Rapid Repair Kits (MRO)
Sprays & Adhesives
Engineering & Installation
Building Films (Energy
1 – Corrosion Protection Coatings
Seeing the burning need across Sri Lankan industry & infrastructure for a durable and
proven solution against corrosion, we are proud to be associated with 3M for their
SCOTCHKOTE range of solutions for industry for precisely this BIG problem faced by
many of our customers.
We offer proven, asset protection solutions against:
• Corrosion, rusting & cavitation,
• Chemical attacks & spills,
• Aging & discoloration,
1 – Corrosion Protection Coatings (Cont …)
We offer solutions for:
2 – Roofing, Flooring & Wall Coatings
Also available under the trade name from SCOTCHKOTE, by 3M … is yet another wide
range of coatings for unique construction & industrial applications such as roofings,
floorings & wall coatings. There are a wide range of applications that these products
can be used for an we are beginning to see an increasing demand for such products
across Sri Lankan end users.
3 – Rapid Repair Kits (MRO)
This is a very exciting & unique product solution from 3M for rapid repair
requirements that cover the following three areas …
Metal Repair & Protection
3M metal repair compounds were developed for use in repairing a variety of metal
components. They have good mechanical strength and easy machining properties and offer
excellent adhesion to correctly prepared metal surfaces.
3M Metal-Tech products are ideal for repairing / rebuilding: Cracked cases, Worn shafts, Worn
bearing housings, Flanges, Leaking pipes, Tanks, Radiators, Ducts, etc.
Ceramic Resurfacing & Repair Compounds
3M ceramic-enhanced products are ideal for rebuilding and resurfacing equipment operating
in fluid flow conditions that are subject to cavitation, erosion and corrosion.
3 – Rapid Repair Kits (MRO)
3M Cerami-Flex / 3M Cerami-Tech are ideal for:
Cracked pump housings, Worn impellers, Tube sheets, Water boxes, End plates, Pumps,
Pipelines, Turbine blades, Housings, Valve bodies, Hoppers, Slurry lines, etc.
Rubber Repair Systems
3M rubber repair products were developed specifically as an elastomeric repair system with a
high degree of flexibility for rebuilding and resurfacing rubber components and for use in the
repair and rebuilding of joints (control, expansion, wall/floor, etc.).
3M Flexi-Tech and Seal-Tech SS are ideal for: Belts, Gaskets, Conveyor belts, Hoses, Seals,
Hoppers, Impellers, Control Joints, Expansion Joints, etc.
4 – Sprays & Adhesives
We have always had a soft spot for industry in general, considering our roots in the
industrial electrical engineering business. Owing to that, we have always seen the
need to make life easy for our customer engineers who have the tough task of
maintaining assets that belong to them.
With that in mind we jumped at the opportunity to market these product solutions.
Whether it is cleaning, lubricating, insulating, resealing or bonding, 3M™ Aerosol
Products offer the right product for the right application.
Featuring controlled spray patterns, 3M products are user-friendly and formulated
for top performance. What ever your maintenance requirement may be,
Rest assured that 3M has the solutions that you need …
4 – Sprays & Adhesives (Cont …)
Some of our
5 – Engineering & Installation Services
We have always believed in offering the “complete solution” to our clients, thereby
taking on the complete responsibility of the project and being a “one stop shop” for
our customers making life easier for them. You tell us the problem and we
recommend and deliver the solution at no hassle to you.
Currently we take on coating application projects, along with complete civil repair
and modification works to our clients property & infrastructure, to arrive at a lasting
& complete solution. To make good on our promise, we have also added manpower
along with installation & coating equipment to our resources to maintain the highest
standards of professionalism.
6 – Building Films (Energy Management)
Decorative, safety and energy saving window film solutions for your building.
Increase tenant comfort, let the good light in, keep costly and harmful UV rays out
and thwart vandalism and break-ins. 3M Window Films provide a great return on
investment and so much more.
3M™ Sun Control Window Films
Worker comfort: reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots.
Energy savings: save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass
exposed to the sun.
3M™ Safety & Security Window Films
• Severe weather protection: minimize flying glass due to violent weather events .
• Crime prevention: impede the quick access that smash-and-grab thieves are looking for.
• Bomb blast protection: hold broken panes in place to help prevent flying shards of glass.
• Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option.
• Graffiti management: save money when you replace only the window film that was vandalized instead
of the expensive glass beneath the film.
6 – Building Films (Energy Management)
3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Window Films
Design flexibility: Decorative window films are a fraction of the cost of
etched glass, plus they are easily changed to meet tenant preferences
Privacy: Stylish and textured films introduce privacy without sacrificing
natural light.
… Roche Eng (IPD) has got it covered”
“No matter what your requirement is …
Some of Our Valued Customers
Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)
Sierra Global Networks (Pvt) Limited
Signtech Advertising (Pvt) Limited
Industrial Polymers Limited
Hayleys Industrial Solutions Limited
Daintee (Pvt) Limited
Richlife Dairies (Pvt) Limited
Tokyo Cement
Aman Resorts
Pyramid Agencies & Development (Pvt) Limited
Contact …
Mr. Janaka De Silva (Industrial Products Division)
Address: No. 433,Galle Road, Colombo 04 | Sri Lanka
Office: + 94 112 582788 | Fax: + 94 112 582794 | Mobile: + 94 777 840642
e-mail: [email protected] | Web site:

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