Introduction to Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard
for Labor Governance Reform Agenda
Objective To build the capacity of our social partners to achieve Decent Work for All thru higher productivity and
competitiveness of business enterprises
Measure Percentage of targeted business firms elevating their productivity with desired LS & OSH compliance rate
Target 75% of targeted business enterprises achieving 10% increase in productivity and 90% LS and OSH compliance rate
Initiative Implement the Productivity Toolbox Project on at least 1,000 targeted MSMEs in Region 11
Internal Processes
Objective To encourage and ensure cost-effectiveness,
prudence and budgetary discipline across the organization by
keeping operations lean, strategic and optimal
Measure Percentage of monthly budget spent according to
approved work and financial plan
Target 99% of budget spent according to plan, with 0%
Initiative Adopt and Implement an Labor Governance Reform
Agenda-Based Cost Monitoring System
Achieve Decent
Work for All
Through Productive
and Competitive
Objective To leverage IT support and Continuous Service
Improvement to significantly improve efficiency rate in
delivery of DOLE services
Measure Quantitative and qualitative increase in rate of
efficiency in transactions with internal and external
customers, and drop in customer complaints
Target 95% efficiency rate and complaint rate to 5%
Initiative Adopt and Implement IT Support Agenda, CSI and
Customer-Based Efficiency Monitoring System
Employee Learning and Growth
Objective To build the capacity of the DOLE workforce and its partner institutions to execute the above strategy
through the Labor Governance Academy
Measure Percentage of DOLE workforce having learned the right mix of skills, tools and values of integrity and
social commitment supportive of the Agenda
Target 90% of technical manpower of DOLE certificated by LGA and assuming new role as Productivity and
Compliance Facilitators
Initiative Run the LGA approved curriculum four times in a year with 50 facilitators certificated every batch

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