Back to School Night 2010 - Twelve Bridges Middle School Band

Mrs. Atkinson
6th grade Math, Science &
Contact and Communication
 Thank you for sharing your children with me each day. I
appreciate being able to partner with you.
I will try to communicate regularly. (The goal is a mass
email each Monday or Tuesday and individual emails
regarding specific assignments.)
If email is not an option for you, please let me know.
I will also post the weekly communication on our class
If I do not get back to you within 2 school days, please
contact me again by phone or email.
You can reach me via email (best) or by calling the school
Homework and Academics
 There is Math homework every night (Mon – Thurs)
 All work must be shown for each math problem
 We have a Math test or quiz most Fridays, other tests
are announced early
 No name = no credit & no late work accepted
 Grades: 40% tests, 30% quizzes, 20% homework, 10%
class work and participation
 Being prepared for class is part of the participation
Our class webpage
Supplies and Organization
 There is a direct correlation between organized and
prepared students and higher scores. Please check your
child’s agenda and backpack regularly.
 The supplies that your child started the year with will not
last for the entire year, be sure to replenished them.
 Encourage your child to have all homework, PE clothes,
supplies (and often the cell phone) in his/her backpack
each evening.
 Ask to see papers as they are completed and/or when they
come home. All assignments should be neat, complete,
and accurate for full credit.
We start each day with
a warm up problem
10 + 4 (5 – 8)
How did you do?
10 + 4 (5 – 8)
10 + 4 (-3)
10 + (-12)
10 – 12
The emphasis for these is on effort and problem solving skills – not perfection
Helping your Child with homework
 Please do not do the homework for your child – it is
cheating, and puts them further behind academically.
 Please provide time and space for your child to do
his/her homework (treat school as his/her “job”).
 If homework seems to take too long (and the child is
actively working on it) – please contact me right away.
 Use the textbook, student notes from class, and our
class website to assist your child.
 Check that homework is complete and neat each
Homework scores
 Math homework is 5 points per day / assignment.
 The homework is graded based on the number correct,
neatness (including heading and the condition of the
paper), and work shown.
 Credit can only be given for problems with work shown
 We review homework in class, it is taken home for
study / review; then collected on Friday and entered
into the grade system.
 Students who review their homework and ask
questions do better on tests and quizzes.
Homework Assignments
Questions and Answers
Science homework
 There will be vocabulary words to study almost every night.
 Vocabulary quizzes are usually on Thursdays. I’ll announce
anything different and try to avoid Mondays and Fridays.
 Many homework “assignments” are just finishing what was
not finished in class or continuing something we started in
 Larger projects are often given 5 – 7 days to complete in
order to teach time management and balance between
school, family, sports and other commitments.
Science grades
 40% tests & quizzes, 40% projects & homework, 20%
participation & classwork (being prepared for class is
part of participation)
 Vocabulary quizzes work out to be a large portion of
the science grade, it is important to study
 Class work, drawings and diagrams, worksheets, etc.
are all graded. Most items are 10 to 20 points, but they
all add up.
 Good effort, Complete work, Neatness and Quality
participation = Good science grade
 Outdoor Learning Environment
 This a week to concentrate on scientific learning and
appreciation of the area around us through hands on
 Scheduled for 1st or 2nd week of April 2013.
 Volunteers will be need to help with
BBQ at LHS farm.
 Fun, Fun, Fun!!
Dress Code and Rules
 Please buy and encourage clothing that fits in the dress
code – I will communicate if your child is wearing
something inappropriate in my class.
 No gum – ever
 No cell phone usage during school hours – please don’t
call or text your child during school hours.
 Class rules: Do your job, Allow others to do their jobs ,
Be respectful, Be safe
(this applies to all and works out very fairly)
In case of absence
 If your child is sick, or absent for another important
reason, please call the office.
 Check our class website for assignments.
 If the absence is 3 days or more, contact me or the
office and we can have a packet of work ready for you
to pick up.
 Each student has the number of days he/she was
absent to make up work. Tests must be made up
within a week of absence.
Questions and Answers
 The working title of this class is “Where in the World
is …… ?”
 I am not planning to have any homework for students,
although they may be asked to bring a news article or
travel picture at some point.
 The grade for this class is based mainly on
participation / effort. We do some written work, but
each student has plenty of time in class and it is
designed for many ability levels.
Geography (cont.)
 Each unit or week is planned based on a theme, but
our schedule is flexible enough to include world events
and suggestions.
 Travel will be an ongoing theme – as we virtually
travel, we will learn about the terrain, people, climate,
landforms, etc.
Geography (cont.)
Semester goals:
 To learn more about the world around us
 To have fun while learning
 To “travel” and build a curiosity for more learning and
Questions and Answers

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