Status of Lesson Study in Malaysia

APEC Tsukuba International Conference
14 – 18 February 2012, Tsukuba
Cheah Ui Hock
 Lesson Study originated as a Japanese model for
teacher development
 Lesson Study first introduced not directly from Japan
but through collaboration with researchers from
 Early reports of LS in Malaysia in research studies
(2003 – 2005)
Second Stage of LS in Malaysia
 Second stage of LS in Malaysia was through the APEC
Tsukuba Lesson Study Project (2007 – 2011)
 Dissemination of LS during this stage mainly through
the networks of two educational institutions:
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the Regional
Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics
Third Stage of LS in Malaysia
 Adoption of LS as a national project
 LS conducted in 289 low-performing schools
 Part of the School Improvement Project under the
Education NKRA (National Key Result Area,
Government Transformation Program)
 Involvement of the States and District educational
 Dynamic monitoring system through site visits and
on-line reporting
Popularising Lesson Study in RECSAM’s
 RECSAM serves as a regional centre in Southeast Asia
for the promotion and enhancement of science and
 Programs focused on two major areas: in-service
teacher training and research
 One 4-week course on Lesson Study every year in its
2011 -2015 5-year plan
 Conducts research on Lesson Study with its partner
Lesson Study Research in RECSAM
 In 2008, Lesson Study was conducted in 6 six primary
schools in mathematics
 In 2010, Lesson Study was conducted in 3 primary
schools in mathematics
 In 2011, Lesson Study was conducted in 3 primary and
3 secondary schools in science
Implementation Plan for APEC-Tsukuba
 To select one secondary RECSAM partner school
 Conduct one day workshop with school teachers to
discuss the plan
Conduct at least one cycle of Lesson Study in one LS
group in one high performing school
Plan/develop lesson plan together with teachers
Conduct research lesson
Discuss the results of the research lesson

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