Remedies - On Contracts

Contract Drafting
Class 21
Tues. Apr. 3
University of Houston Law Center
D. C. Toedt III
Reading: Z&B chapter 6
Homework questions to hand in – see
handout being distributed
Final exam: Take-home portion
Handed out: Tues. Apr. 24
 Due: At beginning of in-class final, May 8
 No working together
In the news
What drafting lessons from this?
“SAN FRANCISCO — Less than
four years after Huawei Technologies and Symantec teamed up to
develop computer network security
products, the joint venture is being
dismantled because Symantec
feared the alliance with the Chinese
company would prevent it from
obtaining United States government classified information about
Common contract
Common contract screw-ups
“4. The contract with missing schedules, or
out-of-date versions of schedules.”
QUESTION: What do you do about it?
[Discuss with your neighbor]
[From “Top 10 howlers when preparing contracts for signature,” by the IP
Draughts blog at]
Z&B Exercise 3F
Game plan
Buyers pair up, Sellers pair up
Each team writes down & hands in
its three most important issues to negotiate
Buyer- and Seller teams pair up and
negotiate; DCT consolidates lists of issues
Class discussion of issues chosen
End of class

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