Get out your agenda if you see
your name below. You need to
take the Chapter 3 test.
Period 2
Period 7
Emily H.
Bogdan K.
Emma T.
Miranda B.
Jalen R.
Find the value of the missing
side of this right triangle.
Cornell Notes Review
You must have an organized system for keeping
your Cornell Notes.
Spiral notebook
A dedicated place in your 3-ring binder
A separate 3-ring binder
I am planning to check your notes every week or
two for completed summaries.
Summaries should be completed at home after
reviewing your notes.
Remember that the left hand page of you Cornell
Notes should be left blank, and the right hand side
should be used for the notes I give you.
Assignment Sheet
I made some small adjustments to your assignment
sheet. Take a look.
When we are grading homework, please have out
your assignment sheet so I can verify you are
entering your grades correctly
If you did not do your homework, have your
assignment sheet out. I will come around and write
a 0 in the On Time column.
Please make sure you write the date and
assignment name everyday to keep the assignments
in order. Do this even if you did not complete the
Empty your in-class
folder of everything
your new assignment sheet,
your new Musical Math Sheet, and
any extra credit coupons
The Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt was constructed
in about 258 B.C.
Find the height of the Great Pyramid in meters
using the following clues.
The tenths digit is 4 more than the hundreds digit
The tenths digit is the only prime number in this
• Hint: examples of prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7 and
so on
The tens digit is 4 times the hundreds digit
The ones digit is one more than the tenths digit

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