28 Days to HEALTH
How to Use 28 Days to Health
• This presentation is designed to be done with a group.
Copy on sturdy paper
Place in sheet protectors
Place in flip chart table easel from the office store
Place the picture on the front and the script on the other side for you
to read
• Pass around Arbonne products for your guests to sample as you talk
about them or pass them on trays when they arrive (like a cocktail
• At the end of the presentation offer to send the 28 Day Packet of
material (via email) Remind them it’s your free gift to them
Have you ever wondered
Have you ever wondered why?
• There are more obese people today than
• Why the number of obese people has
doubled in the past 20 years?
• Why 67% of the American population is
considered obese?
• If this trend continues 100% of the
population will be obese by 2040
• If this trend continues 100% of the
population will be obese by 2040
• Something is VERY WRONG!
A 2006 Study published in the
International Journal of Obesity
A 2006 Study published in the
International Journal of Obesity
• Looked at 13,000 male and female runners and found
that regular runners who were not overweight still got
heavier over a 17 year period if the amount of exercise
they did remained the same
• Only those who increased their
exercise intensity were able to
prevent getting fatter
What’s the problem?
• Lack of Exercise ?
• Lack of Education ?
What’s the problem?
• Lack of Exercise ?
• Lack of Education ?
• We are more health conscious than ever
• We have more health clubs and gyms
• More books are published on the issue
The problem is TOXINS
The problem is TOXINS
• Toxins are everywhere
– In the air we breathe the water we drink
– Processed foods are full of them
– Our livestock and poultry are fattened up with
– Pesticides are sprayed all over our produce
– And there are tons of toxins in personal care
products like shampoo and shaving cream
Your Liver is Your Key Detoxifier
and Premier Fat Burning Organ
Your LIVER is your KEY Detoxifier
• If your body is overburdened with toxins then your liver’s ability to
cleanse slows down
• When your liver function slows down so does your metabolism
– In fact very system in your body is compromised if your liver is
not functioning properly
University of Occupational
and Environmental Health in
Japan says
• Obesity is more closely related to liver
dysfunction than any other abnormality
University of Occupational
and Environmental Health in
Japan says
• Obesity is more closely related to liver
dysfunction than any other abnormality
Toxic Liver =
Fat + Depression
Toxic Liver = Fat +
– If stress hormones like cortisol are not cleared from the liver
emotional imbalances like depression or anger will result
– High levels of cortisol is linked to persistent weight
gain, especially around the abdomen and buttocks
Why do I plateau during weight
Why do I plateau
during weight loss?
• A 15 week study by Laval University in Quebec discovered that
environmental pollutants increased in the blood by a much as 23%
during weight loss
– Why?
• Toxins hide in fat
• Weight loss frees up these toxins
– If your liver is overloaded with toxins you will plateau
– You must detoxify during weight loss to lose weight
Toxins come in faster than we can
process them
Toxins come in faster than we can
process them
• In our bodies, when toxins come in at a faster rate than
our bodies can process them, our body pulls those toxins
away from our vital organs and holds them in fat stores.
• Our bodies will release fat stores only when we clear out
the toxins.
• Sometimes our toxic load is so high that it can lead to a
range of health problems such as diabetes, skin
irritations, heart disease, chronic pain, digestive
problems, etc…
28 Days to Health
28 Days to Health
• On our 28 Day Program
• The focus will be eliminating toxins from your
diet and eating whole foods, to help your body
detoxify naturally
You will lose toxic fat
around stomach, hips, thighs
• 7 Day Cleanse
Lose fat on belly, hips and thighs
• By eating healthy whole foods you will lose that
stubborn toxic fat on your belly, hips and thighs
Avoid Allergenic Foods
Avoid Allergenic Foods
• Eating whole foods gives our bodies a rest
from digesting the processed foods that
our bodies were not designed to process
• By not eating highly allergenic foods, like
dairy, sugar, wheat, and gluten we keep
our bodies from producing their own toxic
responses to those foods
You Get Menu Plans
• Healthy Choices
You Get Menu Plans and..
– Step by Step instructions for a 28 Day Detox
– 4 Weeks of Recipes
– 4 Coaching Calls
– And it’s all absolutely FREE with the program
Denise Moore Before and After
12 lbs in 28 days
Denise Moore Before and Afters
• Look at the BENEFITS
• Eliminate the toxins from your body, and you will
completely transform your body from the inside
• Plus your emotions will feel balanced and you’ll
be able to think clearly
• These before and after photos show the REAL
RESULTS people are getting on this program
Before and After
Notice stomach, hips and thighs
Susan Parker
lost 106 pounds in 8 months
• Quiz Time
• 1. 1. Why is our body like a “bathtub” when it comes to
toxins? Stuff comes into our bodies (food comes in and
waste goes out). When toxins (from environment or food
that we eat) come into our body, we become overloaded
and the drain gets plugged.
• 2. What is the main way we can eliminate toxins from our
body? Eating whole non-allergenic foods and cleaning
out the “drain”.
• 3. Name a benefit of a healthy lifestyle. Eliminate the
toxins from your body, lose weight, increase your
energy, and see your skin improve
Pure Vegan Protein
Pure Vegan Protien
Figure 8® Go Easy! Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes, are the first-ever, ready-todrink pea-protein shake on the market that is vegan certified! With so much of our
meat supply contaminated with toxins it’s nice to know we have a safe healthy
Product Benefits
• Helps build and maintain muscle*
• Contains antioxidant-rich cranberry protein,
rice and pea protein
• Flax seed for heart and brain health*
• Dairy Free
• Lactose Free
• Gluten Free
• Cholesterol Free
• 22 vitamins and minerals
• No artificial colors, flavor or sweeteners
• Stevia (95% Steviosides high % =better flavor)
Contains ginseng, alfalfa (alkaline), kelp (alkaline) coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic
acid, to increase energy and metabolism
11 fl. oz./330 mL each#1946 Chocolate, #1947 Vanilla; $33, 12-pack
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Hybrid Power Packs
Hybrid Power Packs
Hybrids Lay the foundation for deep nourishment
while we detoxify.
– They are whole-food based supplements that include
multivitamin, multimineral, digestive enzymes, herbs
– Superfood Antioxidants Calcium for women, Prostate
formula for men..
– Bottom line they will give you sustained energy and
balanced emotions during these 28 days.
Fiber Booster
• This is the key to staying fuller longer and
keeping your insulin levels balanced
Fiber Booster
• Fiber Booster 12 grams of quality
tasteless, odorless fiber.
• Can be mixed in a glass of water or
sprinkled on food
• It’s the key to staying fuller longer
Detox Tea and Fizzing Tablets
Detox Tea and Fizz Tabs
• Most people over-eat because they are tired, stressed, lonely or
angry. We use food to deal with our emotions. Arbonne has two
products that will help you break these unhealthy patterns
• Detox Tea use when feeling anxious or moody. Purifying tea that
supports the kidneys, blood and liver. Supporting the liver helps us
get calm and get clear.
• Energy Fizz Tabs Have B Vitamins, Green Tea and Herbs for
solid, stable, calm energy that gets you over the sugar craving and
hunger that comes with stress. They have zero carbs and are free of
sugar and artificial sweetners
• Clinically proven to increase metabolism.
Alkalize to Accelerate Results
Alkalize to Accelerate Results
This 28 program will help you alkalize to accelerate your results
– All foods are alkaline or acid
– Eating alkaline producing food like fruits, vegetables and even
our fizzing tabs
– And…
– Avoiding acid producing foods like wheat, dairy, refined sugars
and artificial sweeteners we create an alkaline environment and
accelerate your results.
• The body creates fat cells to carry acids away from your
– Fat is a response from the body to an alarming over-acidic
When you remove acid toxins from your body you will:
– Flush fat fast
What’s On the Menu?
1. Are you ready to look and feel better than you ever thought possible?
Ask for the 28 Days to Health Jumpstart Program. This complete
program can be sent directly to your email.
• 2. After reading the program make a list of the items you will need at
the grocery story
• 3. Purchase your Arbonne products for the program! R emember
every Arbonne product is backed by a 45 Day Money Back
• 4. Connect on the weekly support calls
• 5. Stay committed for the duration of the 4-Week Program!
• 6. Can you think of others that would love to get healthy? If you host a
Healthy Lifestyle event you could receive up to 80% off your Arbonne
4 Ways to WIN
1. Retail Client: Purchase products at retail price.
2. Preferred Client: Receive 20% all products with no minimums. $29/$15
3. Become a Consultant. Purchase products wholesale. Great opportunity. If
anyone is looking to make an extra $500 or $1000 a month I can show you how. Or if
you’re looking to replace a full-time salary working part time, I can show you that too.
4. Host a presentation. For every $250 in sales, our host will receive $100 in
product for $20. And tonight, if you book a party, you will receive ______!
Pass out catalogs with order forms and go over product packages (What’s on
the Menu document). Mingle, have fun and ASK!!!
• Give Curiosity Packets to those interested in the opportunity
• At time of ordering, show each guest how much $ they save if they have a few
friends over by referring to the What’s on the Menu document.

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