STIMULATE 9 Scientific and Technological Information

Scientific and Technological Information Management
in Universities and Libraries: an Active Training
Environment (Edition 9) - STIMULATE 9
Summary of the Contents of the
The program offered a stimulating learning environment
to information professionals in the following areas:
 Role of library as carrier of scientific communication
 Web design, HTML and XML
 Presentation of information in a scientific environment
 Scientometrics and Informetrics
 Elementary statistics for effective library and
Information services and management.
 Indexing non-text materials
 Open source software (e.g. Greenstone and ABCD)
 Information retrieval/searching
 Copyright
Suggestions to Improve the
Organization of the Program
Longtime interval between lectures
within the same subject
Provide blocked schedule
Diversify the choice of library visit
Include more information resource centers,
archives and museums
Strong Points of the Organization of
the Program
 Administrative
Efficient program schedule
 Choice of lecturers
 General
learning environment
Well-equipped lecture rooms, availability
of wireless network
 Accommodation
Best Components of the Program
Academic Contents
 Library
 Free
and Open Source Software
Not So Good Components of the
Program Academic Contents
 None.
All the topics are relevant
Recommendations for the
Management to Home Institutes
Encourage the use of Free and Open Source
Software e.g. ABCD and Greenstone
Develop Institutional Repositories and Digital
Empower us to deliver the knowledge and skills
learned through echo seminar and conferences,
trainings to other information professional and
end users
STIMULATE 9 Participants
Group E-mail : [email protected]
Face book : stimulate9
Alayon, Stephen - Philippines
Melike, Amelework Wube - Ethiopia
Biryabarema, Judith - Uganda
Cab, Nhyrma Fe - Philippines
Gill, Bernadette - Seychelles
Kengne, Naoussi Carine Christelle - Cameroon
Khatun, Momena - Bangladesh
Kitwe, Yahya - Uganda
Kulisooma, Ezerea - Uganda
Malekani, Andrew Watson - Tanzania Manyerere,
Juliana - Tanzania Ramadhani, Zaina Tanzania
Siyoum, Eyerusalem Tesfaye - Ethiopia
Tekelemariam, Kalayu - Ethiopia
Thottapali, Yunus - India
Tran, Thi Hoang Hanh - Viet Nam
Tripathi, Sneha - India
Yap, Joseph - Philippines
Zengenene, Dydimus - Zimbabwe

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