Online Expenses Form - University of Manchester

Access is Via Staffnet
• You log onto the staff
portal to access the
Staff Portal
• Expenses claims is
available under the
Home Page
Home Page
• From this screen you can see the claims
• Start a new claim
• Make a claim for either yourself or a delegate
You can choose someone else
to complete the form for you
You then choose who you are
making the claim for
Claim Form
• When you start the
claim form you need to
click the declaration
that you are making the
claim within the
University Financial
Claim Form
• Put a title on the claim
• This is also be printed
on the form
• Field holds 55
Claim Form
• The form holds all the
major categories that
are allowable under the
university regulations
Claim Form
Sub categories
Claim Form
• HMRC need as much
information as possible
about why you have
incurred the expenses.
Claim Form
• All Expenses claims
need to be supported
by a valid itemised
receipt to be HRMC
• One line per receipt.
• Debit/Credit card stubs
are not acceptable
Claim Form
• Activity/Project and
Task Code is needed.
• IE is entered
automatically via the
item that is being
Completed Form
• Either Staff or Business
entertaining is claimed
on the online form.
• The PR1B has been incorporated in the new
online form.
• Under new HMRC guideline we need to record
certain fields.
• Therefore to be HMRC compliant we have
made a number of fields mandatory.
• Full names and company details are now a
Incorrect forms
• If your form is incorrect for any reason it will
be returned directly to the claimant.
• The form can be corrected online and then
reprinted. Return it to the Budget holder and
Section Head for re authorisation.
• It will return into the normal payroll payment
• If you have technical issues raise an ARS
• If you have a finance issue contact your school
finance office E.g.. Unknown Finance codes
• Handy Guides are available if you have a query
about what you are claim for
• Or email
[email protected]
• Or Telephone 58213

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