Draft Annual Plan 2014/14

What is the 10-year plan 2015-25?
Provides an overview of the projects proposed for the next
10 years.
Explains the strategies used to make financial decisions
and manage regional infrastructure.
Outlines what you get for your rates investment. In
2015/16 we’re proposing a rates increase of approx. $38 a
year (or 73c a week) for the average home.
Explains how to provide feedback on our proposals.
What key issues were considered?
How best to invest in good quality regional infrastructure (bulk
drinking water, flood protection schemes, and public transport).
How to get people out of cars and grow public transport users
and active transport such as walking, cycling, running etc.
How to ensure our infrastructure will be able to cope in a major
How to maintain and improve water quality, which is under
pressure from more urban and rural development.
Package 1 : Public transport infrastructure
($39m capital cost)
Rail infrastructure upgrades: track improvements, faster and more
frequent services, express services, increased capacity, level
crossings, expanded park and ride facilities, upgraded carriages
Bus infrastructure upgrades: Improved bus service reliability,
improved facilities at interchanges; more and better bus shelters;
improved signage; bike racks on buses; new modern low emission
Package 2 : Protecting communities from flood risk
($51m capital cost)
Develop / update floodplain management plans
Build new / upgraded flood stopbanks
Floodplain works to protect isolated settlements and improve
Better community engagement, including with iwi
Package 3 : Getting more people on public transport
($53m capital cost)
Fare Structure improvements: simplify fare products across all
modes and services; 50% youth fare discounts; 25% off-peak
discount; capped fares; no transfer penalties between services
Metlink customer services: improved information, website &
online tools
Integrated electronic ticketing system: Smart card technology to
be introduced across the region from 2017/18 allowing free
transfers between all services
Package 4 : Getting out and about - walking, cycling
($4.8m operating expenditure)
Increase the effectiveness and reach of road safety programmes
Increase support for school travel plans and activities that support
safe travel for children and young people
Increase the number of programmes to help people make better
travel choices so that our roading network works better
Deliver the Pedal Ready regional cycle skills training programme to
increase the skills and confidence of child and adult cyclists
Contribution to NZTA-led Wellington to Hutt walking & cycling link
Package 5: Keeping the water flowing
($126m capital cost)
Providing emergency water following a major event (up to 20L per person
for up to 40 days) to those parts of the region most at risk from a break to
the bulk water pipes in Wellington City and Porirua City, including:
Cross-harbour pipeline linking the Hutt to Wellington City
Emergency storage lake at Takapu Road to supply Porirua and
northern Wellington
Increasing resilience of Waterloo Wells to avoid damage in a major
Package 6: Environment and water quality
($26m operating expenditure)
Expanding partnership programmes with farmers to improve water
quality & biodiversity through managing erosion prone soils, nutrients
and fencing and planting along waterways
Helping grow the Enviroschools education programme
Expanding the regional possum & predator control programme
Accelerating establishment of catchment (Whaitua) committees to
develop rules for water quality and water quantity limits
Proposed rates increase for 2015/16
to Outcomes
$15 average increase for regional ratepayers for
proposed service improvements
$19 average increase for regional ratepayers for
infrastructural commitments
$4 average increase for regional ratepayers for
existing services
$38 per year per average residential ratepayer
(incl GST)
Next Steps
Shape Your Region, supporting information and submission forms are
available at www.gw.govt.nz/have-your-say
Submissions online or in writing
Submissions close 20th April 2015 at 4pm
We are holding open days across the region where councillors and
officers will be available to discuss proposals with the public.

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