Cooking, Not Just Reheating, in
the Microwave
The University of Georgia
Cooperative Extension Service
Microwave ovens are not just for
Nuking Breakfast
• Scrambled eggs
• Pancakes with fruit
• Coffee
• Eggs –2-4 minutes on
medium – stir once
• Fruit topping – 2-3
minutes on high – stir
• Add ¼ teaspoons
cornstarch and 1 ½
teaspoon water per
cup of fruit to thicken
Breakfast: Fast and Easy
.Orange juice
Bran muffin
Peanut butter
Hot tea
• Cook hot cereal on
medium for 2-4
minutes – stir often
• Reheat muffins and
bagels for 10-20
seconds on high
• Thaw juice and boil
water for tea
Preparing Lunch or Supper
• Fix a food completely
in the microwave
• Cook ingredients for
recipes that will then
be finished on the
stove, in the oven or
on the grill
Cooking Meat and Poultry
• Cook thawed meat and
poultry on medium
• Arrange so the
thickest part is toward
the edges
• If want to brown,
place under broiler for
a few minutes
Cooking Fish
• Choose fish with even
• Cook for 4 – 5
• May need to cut in
half to get done
without over cooking
Cooking Vegetables
• Buy bags of frozen so it is easy to take out
1-2 portions
• Bake sweet potatoes and winter squash as
well as white potatoes
• Corn on the cob can be cooked in the husk
or in plastic wrap on high for 4 minutes
Safe Microwaving
• Use only microwave safe containers
• If in doubt, test on high for one minute with
a cup of water
• Safe only if the container remains cool
Efficient Microwaving
• Pieces of food should
be similar in size
• Cover to prevent
splatter, drying out and
speed up cooking
• Do not totally cover
the food with plastic
wrap or a lid so steam
can escape
Be sure the food is done!
• Rotate, stir or
rearrange food
while cooking
• Allow for stand
• Check with a food
• Use microwaves to prepare meals from
scratch – not just for reheating
• Use microwave safe containers for cooking
• Be sure to cover, rotate, stir and re-arrange
food to promote even cooking
• Use a food thermometer to be sure food is
well cooked

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