Monday 30 June to Friday 4 July 2014
Preparation for university and employment is an integral part of our sixth
form programme.
While qualifications remain essential, with very few exceptions, they are no
longer the only consideration.
Employability or work-readiness is becoming more and more important
to universities and employers and relevant work experience is increasingly
viewed as an essential part of any good application for higher education and
the world of work.
For candidates equally good on paper applying for courses or jobs, it could
well be the work experience which tips the balance in favour of one
candidate over the other. This is the case more than ever nowadays given the
greater competition for places in higher education and for the job
Work experience
will help you
stand out
from the crowd.
The main objectives of work experience in Year 12
• To help you gain a
realistic insight into
working environments.
• To help you understand
how commerce and
industry operate.
• To help you see the
relevance of your subjects
to the world of work.
• To help you gain greater
self-confidence and
It is important to make your work
experience as worthwhile as
You should consider the type of
work you would like to do and
how it relates to your future plans
and aspirations.
While on work experience you will
be able to talk with and observe skilled and qualified people who can give you
a better idea of what the job involves.
If you are still unsure of the career path you
want to follow, work experience in any field
is still very valuable as it helps you
develop transferable skills.
Do not underestimate how
long it will take to sort out the
right placement.
Be prepared to write many,
many letters or e-mails!
Send chaser e-mails/letters –
if you haven’t heard in a few
weeks, try again.
If you are not successful,
then move on to another
They may have received
many applications for work
experience already but you
can’t afford to hang around
waiting for something which
might prove unsuccessful.
To give you an idea of where you can go on work experience, have a look at the
Employers Database.
Log on to the VLE and then select Subjects > Work Experience. You can narrow
your search using a number of different options - you can search by ‘Town’, ‘Job
Title’ or ‘Classification’ by clicking on the drop down box in the appropriate
column and selecting the one you want.
Powerpoint emailed to all
Start thinking
Draft an email and letter
Talk to your tutor
• Get going!

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