What similarities do you see among U.S. actions in

What similarities do you see among U.S.
actions in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Iran?
1. Third World Countries
-Latin America, Asia, Africa
-Nonaligned Nations
2. Second World Countries
-Fidel Castro
3. First World Countries
-Cuban Missile Crisis
-Main policies
Latin America, Africa, Asia
• The Third World: Countries who have yet to
develop. (those who did not choose between
communism and capitalism)
• Lack of education
• Ethnic conflicts
• Second World: Soviet influenced countries,
• First World: Capitalist influenced countries,
industrialized and modern
Nonaligned Nations
• In 1955 Indonesia hosted the Bandung
• Called for an alliance of nations to stay
• India, Indonesia, and other countries joined to
stay out of conflict or fear of being controled.
Fidel Castro
• U.S. supported unpopular
dictator Batista
• Revolution overthrew him in
• Young Lawyer Fidel Castro
took power
• Instantly brought reforms,
and improved conditions to
the country
• Castro took control of U.S.
run sugar mills
• Turned to soviets for aid
• America funded
Anastasio Somoza since
• Unpopular in his country,
held control as a dictator
• In 1979 his son was
ousted from power
• Daniel Ortega was
helped by both U.S. and
U.S.S.R. after coming to
power, but promoted
other countries around
to revolt.
• In 1950’s Soviets communism spread to
Afghanistan, promoting fears of U.S.
• 1970 revolt toppled Soviet regime
• Soviets invaded in 1979, no exit strategy, they
became stuck in a way like Vietnam.
• Afghanistan's used gorilla warfare
• U.S. helped Rebels.
Cuban Missile Crisis
• A failed Bay of Pigs overthrow prompted
Khrushchev to secretly build missiles silo’s in
• Kennedy created a blockade until Khrushchev
withdrew missiles.
• US supported the Shah of
Iran who was westernizing
• Ayatollah (Muslim religious
leaders) took control after
Shah fled during rebellion1979
• U.S. took in the Shah for
medical treatment
• Ayatollah promoted the
seizure of US embassy,
taking over 60 American
• Prisoners for 444 days.
Policies of the U.S.
• Backed Wars and Revolutions that helped the U.S. goals
• CIA created, secret activities, assassination, spying
• Built schools, sent aid, sent volunteers, programs to combat
• Boycotted Olympic games in Moscow 1980

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