Live Your Life
Without Limits™
Feel great now and express your
full potential for a lifetime
If you knew you were going to live to 100,
how would you change your life?
By Drs. Matthew and Michelle Mix
The statistics on aging are astounding…
1 in 10 people today is 60 or older. By the year 2050 the
ratio will be 1 in 3.
There are currently 70,000 people over the age of 100 in the
U.S. By 2050 there will be 4.2 million.
Centenarians are the world’s fastest-growing group, whose
numbers are increasing 8% a year.
Living to 100
by Thomas T. Peris, M.D., and Margery Hutter Silver, Ed. D.
During the next 10 years, a baby boomer will turn 50 every
7.5 seconds.
Fast Company by Katherine Mieszkowsk
Age is a state of mind
is not just
it’s about
It’s about expressing
your full potential
throughout life.
What’s in the way of your ability to
Live Your Life Without Limits?
The ultimate cause of a limited life is
to the natural, spontaneous, full
expression of your unique
Genetic Intelligence
• Cell phone interference
• Traffic jams
• Life expression interference
Deepak Chopra states in his book Quantum
Healing…that, “all disease results from the
disruption of the flow of intelligence.”
All limitations result from interference to the
natural expression of your Genetic Intelligence
Power Talk audio subscription service
by Tony Robbins
When interference happens in the
spine we call it a
Genetic Intelligence
Communication Center
which controls and coordinates
the function of every cell,
tissue, organ and system in your body,
through an intricate nerve network.
This nerve system allows you to adapt you
to your world.
3 Types of Interference
each one affects the others
1. Physical
2. Chemical
3. Mental
Sleep Position
At the Computer
Sitting in the car/chair
Foods we eat/Nutritional Supplements
Air/Water Pollution
Medications-OTC, prescription, illegal
Chiropractors Uniting to Lead Family Healthcare
Stress is a major cause of subluxations.
While the physiological stress reaction is the same
for everyone, the resulting symptoms are different
based on people’s individual subluxations.
“About 60% of visits to healthcare professionals are in the
‘stress-related, mind-body realm’ exacerbating problems,”
says Herbert Benson, president of the Mind-Body Medical
Institute. To relieve cycles of stress, Dr. Benson suggests
“turning on a natural inner switch.”
USA Today,5/27/03
Chiropractic care removes the interference in your
mind-body connection so your natural inner switch stays on
all the time!
Chiropractors Uniting to Lead Family Healthcare
We all know that exercise is important
for a long, healthy life, however…
Exercising on a subluxated spine accelerates
spinal degeneration along with the suffering
that accompanies it.
Competing in a 90 minute soccer game:
8,000 to 10,000 steps
Playing nine holes of golf:
8,000 steps
Walking briskly for ten minutes:
1,200 steps
Average daily steps:
Men 5,728
Women 4,907
USA Today, 7/10/03
Families Involved
in Chiropractic Care…
• Experience less pain
• Get sick less often
• Miss less school
• Miss less work
• Function at higher levels of health
• Live active, healthy lives
In Touch Newsletter
The Chiropractic Research
True health is more than just the
absence of disease…
You don’t get to
choose how your
going to die or
when…you can
choose how you are
going to live!!!!
How you can participate in chiropractic?
Chiropractic Active Life Plans:
1. Corrective Adjustment Plans
• If pain, symptoms, disease, spinal degeneration or
disharmony and weakness exist
• 3 visits per week until your spine is stabilized
2. Wellness Adjustment Plans
• If no pain, symptoms, disease or spinal degeneration exist
• 1 – 4 visits per month depending on your age, activity levels
and health goals
3. Family Adjustment Plans
• Combination of corrective and wellness plans based on each
family member’s individual needs.
You don’t get to choose how your going to die
or when…
you can choose how you are going to live!!!!
Live your…
Life without Limits™
Encourage your family and friends to live their
Lives without Limits
Express your full potential in this lifetime
and make the world a better place
for all of us!

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