Cross Media Inspections: A Solid Waste Perspective

Cross Media Inspections of
Solid Waste Facilities
Jerry Henderson
CDPHE Solid Waste and Material
Management Unit
Compliance Inspection vs.
Compliance Assistance
Compliance inspections: CRS 30-20-113
gives the Department inspection authority.
Violations trigger enforcement process
Depending on severity or recalcitrance, violations can
lead to formal compliance order or litigation
Compliance assistance site visit
To provide you with help understanding the
To suggest steps for improved compliance
Solid Waste Inspections
FY 2007: 174 inspections performed
Landfills, transfer stations, asbestos, tire
monofills, remediation sites, composting
Overall compliance rate – 75%
Landfills, transfer stations > 75%
Composters, impoundments +/- 50%
Cross Media Compliance Inspections
Air Pollution Control Division & Solid Waste
-Primarily Landfills to date
 Hazardous Waste & Solid Waste
-Complaint Driven
 Local Health Depts. / Code Enforcement & Solid
-Complaints & Solid Waste Facilities
 COGCC and Solid Waste: Drilling mud / fluids
Background on Cross Media
Compliance Assistance at CDPHE
2003: CDPHE created cross media compliance
assistance workgroup
 Goals:
Improved customer service
Improved efficiency
Engage in sector-based projects to achieve outcomes
greater than regulatory compliance:
-Auto Salvage Sector, Correctional Facilities
Cross Media Compliance Assistance
Air, Stormwater and Solid Waste (or Air & Solid
 Onsite assistance provided to operators in
understanding and implementing the regulations
 Work in cooperative mode to identify what’s going
well, what needs improvement
 Identify and correct problems outside of
enforcement process
Benefits to Compliance Assistance
Chance to self-correct deficiencies outside of
the enforcement process
More collaborative than compliance
Better prepared for compliance inspection
Challenges to Implementing the
Cross Media Approach
Coordination of inspector schedules
 Longer site visit required, more resource burden
 Reluctance to share information, requires trust
Ideas for Overcoming Challenges
Always announced
Point out what facility is doing well
Solution oriented
Enforcement amnesty
Approach from a partnering standpoint, 2-way
Send out inspection checklist in advance
Increase familiarity with quarterly outreach
Future Directions for Compliance
Inspections / Assistance
Regional multi-media compliance assistance:
Find host sites and invite other operators in
the surrounding area
Self-certification Program: Compliance
assistance prepares operators for self-audit
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