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A literary work that
ridicules its subject
through the use of
techniques such as
reversal, incongruity,
and/or parody in
order to make a
comment or criticism
about it.
 Exaggeration
To enlarge, increase, or
represent something
beyond normal bounds
so that it becomes
ridiculous and its faults
can be seen.
Caricature is the
exaggeration of a
physical feature or trait.
Cartoons, especially
political cartoons,
provide extensive
examples of caricature.
To present things
that are out of
place or are
absurd in relation
to its
metaphor, and
To imitate the
techniques and/or
style of some
person, place, or
thing in order to
ridicule the
original. For parody
to be successful,
the reader must
know the original
text that is being
present the
opposite of the normal
order. Reversal can
focus on the order of
events, such as serving
dessert before the
main dish or having
breakfast for dinner.
•Additionally, reversal
can focus on
hierarchical order—for
instance when a young
child makes all the
decision for a family or
when an administrative
assistant dictates what
the company president
decides and does.
“Our enemies are
innovative and
resourceful, and so
are we. They never
stop thinking about
new ways to harm
our country and our
people, and neither
do we” (George W.
Children need
encouragement. So
if a kid gets an
answer right, tell
him it was a lucky
guess. That way,
he develops a good,
lucky feeling” (Jack
What do you think? Is this satire?
Satire? What do you think?
What do you think?
NEW YORK—Though fewer and fewer games are being held each
weekend, sources confirmed Thursday that anticipation and
tension throughout the NFL seems to be gradually increasing, and
the entire 2010-2011 season appears to be building toward some
sort of momentous climax.
"Traditionally, there are 13 to 16 professional football games
played on any given weekend, but last week there were only four,"
AP football analyst Larry Lage said. "That's right, four. And,
perhaps more telling, the general consensus seems to be that
those games were markedly more intense than usual, as if there
were more at stake. Clearly, something big is looming on the NFL's
horizon, but I can't put my finger on exactly what that is."
"I think it all must be leading up to some sort of ultimate NFL
extravaganza," Lage added. "And I feel like it's going to be on top
of us before we know it” (The Onion).
What is satire?
Where can we find
How can it be used?
When is it used?
What value does it
Now you try!
Be specific!
Does an audience
need background
to understand
“Ken Griffey Jr. falls asleep
during change up”

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