Amy Potter - GA EPD DOD Remediation Update

Department of
Facilities Unit
Hazardous Waste
Management Program
of the EPD Land
Protection Branch
Primary Responsibilities of the
DoD Facilities Unit
Compliance Monitoring, Enforcement,
and Permitting at active military installations
 Oversight of investigative and remedial
activities at active military installations, closed
installations (BRAC), and formerly used
defense sites (FUDS)
 Oversight of the investigation and remediation
of former ranges at active military installations
and FUDS, which are contaminated with
unexploded ordnance and small arm
Other responsibilities
NEPA reviews for all military
installations (i.e., EA and EIS)
 Mary
Brown, Engineer
 Will Powell, Engineer
 Susan Eason, Engineer
 Heather Clark, Geologist
 Jessica Turner, Geologist
 Jim Ashworth, Geologist
 Mo Ghazi, Geologist
 Will Steele, Part-time Geologist
 Jofay Mackey, Secretary
Sites Summary
 13
active installations
 5 Air Force
 6 Army
 2 Navy
 2 closed (BRAC) sites – both Army
 10 FUDS
 4 MMRP sites
 6 HTRW sites
How are the sites
8 sites have RCRA permits
 2 sites are cleaning up under
 5 sites and the FUDS are
cleaning up under CERCLA
with DoD as the lead agency
 3 sites are on the NPL
Fort Gillem
 1465
acre Army depot, 1941 - 2011
 The City of Forest Park is purchasing 1170
acres of the property for $30 million
 295 acres of the site will remain with the
Army as the “Gillem Enclave” under the
garrison command of Fort Gordon
 700 acres are being transferred to the Local
Redevelopment Authority (LRA) this month
 470 acres are significantly contaminated
and require the governor’s approval before
they are transferred to the LRA
Fort Gillem
 Regulatory
Authority – CERCLA with the Army
as the lead agency; 1 site on HSI
 Environmental
 Buried Waste including a 300-acre landfill
 5 off-site groundwater plumes
 Contamination in off-site creeks from the
discharge of contaminated groundwater
 Potential for vapor intrusion into nearby
homes from contaminated groundwater
Fort Gillem Current Activities
 Vapor
Intrusion Study, including
significant community involvement
 Installation of off-site wells to delineate
groundwater contamination both north
and south of the installation
 Off-site surface water monitoring
 Operating 2 groundwater pump and
treat systems at the installation boundary
to control off-site migration
Performance Based Contracts
 Air
Force has let 3 significant PBCs in the last
two years
Robins AFB
Moody AFB
 Significantly
increased our workload
 Previous to contract, we received 180
documents per year
 Last year, we received and reviewed 260
 This year, we are on track to receive 210
Upcoming PBCs
 Gillem
Enclave – just issued
 Fort Gordon
 Hunter Army Airfield
Issues with PBCs
 Schedules
are rigorous
 Document Quality
 Workload
 Require increased oversight by
both DoD and EPD
Amy Potter
Unit Coordinator
[email protected]

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