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Connecting Resources to the People who Need Them.
What we are…
A resource network intended to connect
volunteers to organizations and with the New
Orleanians that need them.
 An advocacy group dedicated to raising the
awareness in New York about New Orleans
 Why? New Orleans community based
organizations are under-staffed and underfunded.
Within the next three months:
 Secure at least 25 partnerships with
New Orleans based organizations by August 1, 2010.
 Create a resource network in both website and print
newsletter form by August 29, 2010.
 Host monthly awareness events and gather a support
base of over 1,000 people throughout 2010.
Over the next two years:
 Develop a fundraising platform to sustain our business and
so that we may contribute financially to organizations in
New Orleans.
 Incorporate as a not-for-profit business after two years of
developing our business and plan.
To date we have:
 Amassed a list of 200 New Orleans
organizations. We have secured five
partnerships to date.
 Partnered with New York based groups
to help with our awareness events.
 Compiled a database of over 700.
 Created our blog:
 Found a website host for our site
 Experimented with fundraising and
raised about $200.
Next Steps- Summer Plan
Continue hosting events and promoting
Contact more organizations to secure
partnerships in New Orleans.
Develop Website and Print Newsletter.
Get a business license and bank account for
our organization.
We need funding for website design, newsletter
printing, and advertising.
Who we are
Sarah Auerbach: Director
Raya Harris: Co- Director
Chrisheena Reices: Executive Assistant
Beatrice Lors: Event Planning
Doreshia Hines: Event Planning
Nadja Boncouer: Research
Mark Loercher: Research
Teon McCaskill Research
“If you have come to
help me, you are
wasting your time. But
if you have come
because your
liberation is bound up
with mine, then let us
walk together.”

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