STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 - 2016
Partners in
Independent Living
“Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.”
Welcome to the Nucleus Independent Living 2013-2016 Strategic Plan.
We continue to believe that our consumers come first. We have a deep commitment
to ensure our consumers have the services they need to live full, meaningful and
independent lives in their own homes. The quality of our care and services is front of
mind. We work within a quality improvement framework in all aspects of our
organization. We know we play a valued role in our integrated health system. Our
ability to attract and retain great people together with our solid partnerships
enables us to deliver services that meet the needs of the communities we serve.
As we face the next critical steps in Ontario’s health system transformation, our
highly motivated team, stewarded by a deeply committed Board of Directors will be
charged with finding and participating in new and innovative ways of collaborating
with our consumers, their families, other service and community partners to deliver
quality, consumer focused service delivery together.
In setting this strategic plan Nucleus’ Board of Directors consulted with our internal
and external stakeholders. They generously offered their input and perspectives
which have significantly influenced the directions and priorities set forth in this plan.
We thank everyone for their candid and valuable contribution and look forward to
working with you to realize our possibilities.
Yves Belanger, President and Board Chair,
on behalf of the Nucleus Independent Living
Board of Directors
Nucleus Independent Living is a Non-Profit Organization that has been
providing Attendant Services to individuals with Physical Disabilities
Since 1983.
Our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan builds on Nucleus Independent
Living’s successes and seeks to solidify the role we will play in
transforming community care, together with our partners. As
the government takes steps to “bend the cost curve” and
establish an integrated system of care we believe that Nucleus
Independent Living is uniquely positioned to play an important
Our Organization
During consultations with our stakeholders we affirmed that
some of our greatest strengths include:
 Availability (24/7 service)
 Dependability
 Caring
 Teaming up with other organizations to move service
 Meeting consumer needs
 Quick response to referrals and intake
 Internal leaders are attentive and visionary
 Coordinated service delivery
 Innovative in program design
We will use our strengths and strong community
relationships to enhance the role we play in providing timely
access to quality care within an increasingly integrated
health system.
Non-Profit Health Service Provider (Community Support Services)
Funded by Mississauga Local Health Integration Network and the
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Began providing Attendant Services to individuals with physical
disabilities in 1983 in two supportive housing projects in Toronto
Successfully implemented an Attendant Outreach Program for
individuals with physical disabilities in their own homes in 1999
Significant expansion in 2009 of our service delivery basket with
the addition of the 24-hour mobile Supports For Daily Living
Program for seniors in Mississauga Halton LHIN
ReCharge in-home respite services was developed in 2010 and
delivered in partnership with Able Living in Mississauga Halton
Service Philosophy: Nucleus embraces and has adopted the
fundamental concepts of the Independent Living Philosophy
Nucleus Independent Living serves the communities of
Mississauga, Oakville, South Etobicoke, and 2 Supportive Housing
sites in Toronto
Total Budget 2012/13: $10,551,000
Number of employees: 234
Total number of consumers served 2012/13: 1,027
For more information visit
Nucleus Independent Living provides the majority of its
services to individuals living in the Mississauga Halton
Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). This area
continues to see strong growth and development with a
population that is increasing in size, diversity and
complexity of care needs.
During consultations with we confirmed that some of our
challenges include:
 Changing government priorities
 Emerging trends in the healthcare environment
 Delivering quality services within a fixed funding
 Integration within the CSS sector
 Increasing demand for services
We will pay close attention to all of our communities’
needs and will work together with our service delivery
partners to ensure timely access to quality service for
Mississauga Halton LHIN Demographics
Home to a population of 1,156,734 which is 8.7 percent of
Ontario’s population
Population has grown approximately 23.5 percent since 2001
Population is expected to grow a further 10.4 percent by 2015
which translates to an additional 120,000 residents
5th largest region in Ontario based on population and the 2nd
fastest growing region in the Province
Proportion of immigrants and visible minorities higher than
the province as a whole
Francophone population is small with most residing in the City
of Mississauga
Aboriginal people make up a very small portion of the
population at 0.4 percent
Per MH LHIN Annual Report 2011-12.
Please visit for more details about our
community health profile
“In our current changing environment we need to be flexible
and able to address challenges in new, innovative ways. We
need to be evidence-informed, connected to our community
and confident to respond in the appropriate manner.”
Community Care Access Centre
Community Mental Health Services
Long Term Care Homes
Community Support Services
Mississauga Halton LHIN
Integrated Health Services Plan
Mississauga Halton LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan 2013-2016 pg 1
In implementing our 2013-2016 strategic plan Nucleus
Independent Living will ensure that our efforts are aligned
with our LHIN’s directions for the benefit of our entire
Mississauga Halton Integrated Health Service Plan is
based on local population health needs, health
system trends, and stakeholder input. It focuses on
five strategic priorities:
Accessible and Sustainable Health Care
Family Health Care When You Need It
Enhanced Community Capacity
Optimal Health – Mental and Physical
High Quality Person- Centred Care
Please visit for
details about the Mississauga Halton LHIN
As part of developing our 2013-2016
Strategic Plan we asked our stakeholders to
review our vision and mission statements.
Feedback indicated that they were accurate,
but should be refreshed to include enablers
which will provide us with the leverage to
achieve our overarching vision and fulfil our
With guidance from our stakeholders’ input
we have refreshed our core commitments.
We believe that our Mission, Vision and
Values will move us forward, keep us focused
and enable us to achieve our planned goals.
Together, our commitments inspire us to
contribute in a meaningful way, with purpose
and focus and will act as our ultimate
measures of success.
Nucleus enables adults who
require assistance in their daily
activities to live independently
in their own homes.
Advancing consumer care and
compassionate service
Quality and Safety
 Adaptive Thinking : Apply innovative
and creative approaches to new and
existing challenges as they arise
 Relationships: Take the time and
energy to fully develop our relationships
with all our key stakeholders
In our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan we have considered
deeply our role as a system leader. Our
understanding and awareness of systems thinking
and the responsibilities of working within our health
system is exciting.
We realized that working in these times requires
nimbleness, flexibility, fluidity and adaptability.
Collectively with input from our stakeholders we
identified a set of lenses that we must apply to each
and every plan and initiative as we move forward.
We will actively seek to increase our understanding
of systems thinking and leadership and apply it in
our work with others in our collective system.
 Consumer First: Develop our
strategies and initiatives with our
 Entrepreneurship: Think and act with
the spirit of entrepreneurs
 Technology: Leverage technology to
enhance service to our consumers
In our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan we have adopted a
“balanced scorecard” framework to ensure that our
priorities work in harmony to achieve our mission and
vision. Our priorities build on the strengths of our
achievements and challenge us to reach new heights. All
of our priorities focus on supporting and advancing the
accessibility and quality of our services to our clients.
Each of our priorities has been set by analyzing our
consumers' needs, utilizing the identified lenses and by
considering the many shifts that are currently underway in
our health care system. This information, along with the
input received from our stakeholders gives us confidence
that when executed, our plan will enable Nucleus
Independent Living to contribute to the transformation of
the way service is delivered in our community.
Despite uncertainties in the healthcare environment, we
will set and actively pursue long-term goals that enhance
our role and value in the evolving health care system.
 Collaborative system leadership to
influence change
 Accountability and transparency in
use of resources
 Inspiring service design through adaptive
 Skilled workforce driving a quality culture
 Leveraging technology to elevate our
 Collaborative system leadership to
influence change
 Optimize organizational resources to improve health
system performance
The Mississauga Halton LHIN has a growing pool of
talented care and community partners.
The reality of organizational partnerships and
collaborations is one of the newer trends faced by the
Community Support Services sector. Nucleus is aware
that this trend is likely to continue and will explore
opportunities to collaborate with our other
community partners to review core programs and
back office supports as a means to identify
opportunities to make services more efficient,
accessible and cost effective.
 Expand stakeholder engagement to maximize
knowledge exchange
 Cultivate synergistic partnerships to further
 Accountability and transparency in
use of resources
 Ensure financial sustainability
Global economic conditions have put increased
pressure on governments and their service delivery
agents throughout the health system. These conditions
are likely to continue into the foreseeable future and
will require Nucleus Independent Living to continually
monitor and reconcile the tension between increasing
demand and limited resources. We will continue to
work closely with our funders, the Mississauga Halton
LHIN and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
and other funding partners to find the most reasonable,
innovative and sustainable solutions.
Nucleus will continue to explore and develop new and
more effective service delivery models to add value to
the service continuum.
 Commit to rigorous internal controls
 Leverage resources to maximize service capacity
 Inspiring service design through
adaptive thinking
 Apply creative approaches to address service gaps and
Accessible, quality consumer-focused service is and will
remain Nucleus Independent Living’s primary focus.
Our consumers expect to have reasonable access to the
service they need, when they need it. They also expect
that the service will be delivered by professional, skilled
and compassionate people. Our organization’s goal is
to assemble the right skills to deliver services to our
consumers. As the needs of our community evolve we
will pay close attention so that together with our other
community partners, we can continue to provide access
to the comprehensive services that our consumers
 Develop opportunities through provider and supplier
 Apply innovative strategies to extend care at home
service options
 Skilled workforce driving a quality
 Engage consumers to inform our choices and decisions
 Quality improvement becomes an intrinsic part of
everyone’s job
 Invest in a skilled and sustainable workforce
Nucleus Independent Living is able to
deliver the variety of quality of service for
which we are known for through the
dedication of talented, passionate and
flexible employees. Throughout our
organization, staff take pride in their work
and find new ways to work together to
continuously improve the access and
service we deliver to our consumers.
 Leveraging technology to
elevate our performance
Balancing resource efficiency, effectiveness, safety,
quality, consumer satisfaction and stakeholder
accountability is a delicate act. Nucleus
Independent Living will continually seek out ways to
use technology and evidence-informed practices to
enhance accessibility and service delivery. New
technology has heightened the need for us to be
aware of how to apply these to effect system and
process improvements. As demand for services
increases and surpasses our own capacity we will
look to new ways and partnerships to ensure those
needs can be met in the community. Along the way
we will ensure that we track and report the
indicators and outcomes which illustrate the impact
of the quality and depth of our service delivery to
our consumers. This will attract funding and
resources for future growth and enrich our quality
 Establish integrated processes to support
technological advancement
 Strategically invest in new and evolving
technology to advance consumer services
“Many hands make light work.”
Excellence and Teamwork
Helping frail seniors and adults living with physical disabilities to live
independently for as long as possible in their own homes is not only a
privilege for those of us at Nucleus Independent Living, it is a passion.
Guided by our core commitments and history of success, our people will
be instrumental in achieving the important goals set out in this strategic
plan. We have the utmost trust in our people and will be monitoring and
reporting on our progress as part of our commitment to responsible
stewardship and good governance.
We will remain prepared and nimble so that we can respond quickly to
the new, unforeseen opportunities and challenges that are likely to arise
along the way. We will do it together!
Beverley John
CEO/Executive Director
“ Good governance is the
cornerstone of organizational
and service excellence.”
Good Governance
“We can’t keep spending our health dollars the way we used to. If we
don’t change, we simply won’t be able to guarantee sustainable
universal public health care for ourselves, our children and our
grandchildren. That’s why our Action Plan will get better value for
our health dollars and put patients first.”
Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
Board of Directors
•Yves Belanger (President)
•Margaret Bachle (Vice President)
•Manny Bettencourt (Treasurer)
•Rose Alcamo (Secretary)
•Cyrus Durzi (Director)
•Vivek Joseph (Director)
•Joe Scarfo (Director)
•Jonathan Wahba (Director)
•Marnie Lynn (Director)
•Garvin Linley (Director)
At a time when healthcare is increasingly moving towards homebased models of care, Nucleus Independent Living is rapidly
establishing itself as a respected leader in delivering innovative
solutions that encourage and support independence for high-risk
seniors and those living with physical disabilities. To do this our
Board of Directors will continue to develop and apply sound
governance practices, improved accountability and transparency.
This is our commitment to you and our health system.
Yves Belanger, President and Board Chair, on behalf of the
Nucleus Independent Living Board of Directors
Internal & External Contributors
This 2013-2016 Strategic Plan would not
have been possible without the thoughtful
input received from so many of our
stakeholders. The perspectives provided
through our online survey and telephone
interviews shaped our thinking and our plan.
It is an ambitious plan but we are confident
that by working together it is realizable.
Thank you.
Consumers and Family Members
Senior Management Team
Board Members
Health Care Service Providers
Community Partners

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